12 Comments to “Best Sounding Pipes for Indian Motorcycles – Freedom Performance Exhaust!”

  1. Abood a says:

    is that bike has stage 2 cams

  2. Rush warhorse with 3" baffles. Just sayin.

  3. J S says:

    More info on these pipes would be great. Which exact pipes/tips are they? Complete parts list would help others replicate this setup. Thanks.

  4. Which slip-ons are you using? Liberty, Eagle, Racing, Combat or American Outlaw???
    I'm interesting replacing my Freedom Performance True-Dual Complete System . I have Sharktail fins. I'm looking for a deeper sound. I'm leaning towards the Racing slip-ons.

  5. Couldn't agree more. Outstanding sound!

  6. zutt3 says:

    These sound fantastic! Best I've heard thus far. Is this a full system? Can you tell us which model. And did you remove the baffles, or installed as is? Thank you.

  7. Rob Vitek says:

    I'm hedging between these in the video but need more specifics… Slip on name? header name? Tip name? How much?
    The other one im thinking is the True Dual headers with Shark tail with a new airbox?
    This is for a 2016 Springfield.
    Pros and Cons.,… I want the loudest , beast sound I can get.. Looks as well count.

  8. Meatknees says:

    Perfect sounding pipes! Can you give us more specifics? Freedom Performance True Duals but what type of tips? They don't look like one available on website. These look like flat pipes. Not "cut-outs" or fishtails. What are they and size? Power Commander type? High air intake air flow? I'd like to mimic this sound on my 2014 Indian Vintage. Exact same motor as this. Well done!

  9. My Freedom Performance were dealer installed, so no warranty issues. I have the true dual with shark fins. The Freedom Performance do make the Indians sound great. They're not cheap, but worth every penny.

  10. 陳銘源 says:

    Freedom Performance Exhaust LIBERTY 4” SLIP-ONS or Racing 4" SLIP-ONS??

  11. those are some hot pipes dad i love you from nomikinz

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