Best place to buy your motorcycle gear!

Took the Triumph Speed Triple to meet up with Arson Rides and Garrenteeed. We decided to check out Yellow Devil Gear Exchange in Long Beach then check …


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  1. Tony Montana says:

    arson trolling at the end. Chea!

  2. u make life have a taste bro cheahhh

  3. joshjooh says:

    Unfortunately Yellow Devil is permanently closed.

  4. aJBo Neox says:

    the best channel in youtube!!!! ✌ saludos desde Guatemala!!!

  5. Jason Melo says:

    Man, Shadetree has to be one of the only motovloggers I enjoy watching more than you. :p

  6. just tried to go to and the site is gone, is that place still in business?

  7. Austin Metts says:

    Your videos are so well put together and good talking points should have triple the subscribers I notice ur newer videos just get better and better best of luck! Jealous of the lane splitting in cali btw

  8. Magik says:

    What song was being used at 5:00?

  9. 1223NOVA says:

    Hey I love the videos, they are so funny and fun to watch. Keep up the great work and I just subscribed 2 weeks ago so yea, keep it up man great stuff.

  10. Colt_x_45 says:

    6Foot4Honda showed your trailer in one of his video's and I thought you had a lot more subscribers than you do, apparently not but you should.

  11. bandit_Brian says:

    shadetree is fucking mad, funny out, love him and jess, one of my fav channels out there

  12. FUUUUCK that speed triple can torque up!!! 
    p.s. +6Foot4Honda referred me to you so there you go! haha
    Cheers man! cool videos so far!

  13. That store looks awesome. Wish we had something like that around here.

  14. Wow i will check that store for real.
    Great location at the end and the view wow with the sunset.
    Great video
    Thumbs up

    Ps: still working some magic on that outro video "now on holidays in a diff country i think i got the right idea for it " 😉

    Also im very very disapointed with you "nit getting lost for a few vids now what is going on " lol
    Keep it up brother m/

  15. ToastToGo says:

    I want some delicious tacos! Man, Garrenteed makes me miss my Street Triple 

  16. why the hell would you have a pet rock.. LOL!

  17. paul tozer says:

    I think that limo was sunrider's limo

  18. HAHA where's the Saigonian rock at?

  19. Jealous of that bike man. The speed triple is just so damn beautiful. 

  20. Salty Suzi says:

    haha saigonian rock was awesome

  21. sjbali says:

    Merry Christmas to you and your Family buddy !

  22. sjbali says:

    Sub d sending all the love, awesome shout outs man, good times with arson cunt too. Another great video !

  23. Bro i want to ask you what s the name of the beat u played in vlog . 

  24. Haha amazing as usual nice ride , nice weather , nice day , nice people, nice old lemo, nice music, nice rock , and nice vlog broo 😊👍. Tc drive safe yes thats me the bullet 😉 i hope u like the video i send peace 

  25. PatriotStar says:

    I like the last second "Cheah!" Lolz +shadetree surgeon is my brother from some other Floridian mother lol! But really, he is the coolest guy ever and Jess completes him. I'm going to try and visit him next summer…. You should cum!!!!!! XD

  26. Damn! so bummed I fell off the motovlog horse. you guys right in my neighborhood! definitely getting off my ass and doing more vids. I live around the corner from yellow devil. 

  27. rsites74 says:

    As always another great video!! Keep them coming!!!

  28. dafobra says:

    Ive been subbed to YellowDevil for a few months now.. I kind of stumbled across them…  the woman there seems hella cool..  wish i was even remotely local enough to go there

  29. Haa! Kenny fuckin Powers! I think there's a huge subscriber base that's scared off by real people like shadetree. He's not just gonna make vids to blow sunshine and rainbows up everyone's ass. Respect.

  30. So you edited out the part where you and Arsoncunt hold hands? BabyBird has it on his channel. 

  31. Bimble says:

    That big bright burning thing in the sky, it hurts my eyes!!
    Great idea with that store man as it's so expensive getting started with protective gear. Cool ride as ever dude.
    shadtree surgeon kicks arse and chews gum….and don't quote me on this, but i believe he's all outta gum!! :)

  32. EN187 says:

    dude that place looks sweet and thanks for the love +SUB. DELINQUENT looks like a good time

  33. Gui 944 says:

    would you put my video up if i did a wheelie on my bike and said dont forget to subcribe to sub. delinquent 

  34. Awesome video, dude!  That shop looked awesome!  The Saigonian Rock seems like a cool idea, too!  Stay safe, brother!

  35. weljo2001 says:

    Next time your in that area you should check out the Korean Friendship Bell and a good little place to eat The Light House Cafe in San Pedro just a minute or 2 from the bell.

  36. I can't believe you left out the hand-holding! Where's your sense of romance, son? LOL. Great vid, as usual. BTW, Jessica from Yellow Devil is cute! Also, +shadetree surgeon is the man! See you guys in the stream tonight!

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