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  1. Rod Burke says:

    Hey Ryan, I just found your channel the other day and I'm quite impressed with the reviews you do. I've just subscribed. I'll be checking in from time to time before I make any large purchases.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. have you tried the Scorpion gt 920 yet? I've had it for a couple months now and its pretty awesome

  3. Tristan Gump says:

    Do you need a modular helmet if you ride and wear glasses?

  4. Mahiar Daver says:

    what do you say for the Schuberth E1 ?

  5. weipulee says:

    what it means "modular" helmets.

  6. …And another not so great feature of the Nolan: although I do not have the most protusive chin, there is no space between it and the chinbar. Nevermind introducing the microphone of a com system.

  7. Nick Gale says:

    Got a shuberth C3 on a good sale ( 320 USD ). amazing lid.

  8. digiver says:

    I like your choices

  9. Adam W says:

    I'd recommend the Nolan N40 Full over the N44, essentially the same helmet (as far as I can tell), but you can use the beak at the same time as the visor. Also, don't forget Caberg helmets!

  10. A Grubbs says:

    I have a serious disposition to the shark modular helmets; can you suggest one or compare for function and noise?

  11. The UK Sharp standard tests helmets at race speeds and multiple impact zones and measures brain trauma in terms of g-Force imparted to the brain. DOT and Snell only test to 35 mph! DOT and Snell no longer have real-world relevance! Also, it no longer holds true that the more expensive helmets are best. The 2015 Nitro Aikido aced the Sharp standard showing "Green" (no brain trauma) from all impact angles and its retail price was $80 (although demand has pushed it to nearly $150 now). All modular helmets have chin bars that "fold up" under testing some or most of the time so NEVER a good idea. One thing you will note in SHARP testing is that given the same model in Fiber-Glass composite or Carbon-Fiber the Carbon-Fiber helmet are not better but fair worse in testing! Check it out for yourself. Don't go for hyper and reputation as many well known helmet manufacturers are very deficient when it comes to real-world crashes. Is as if they have sat on their laurels and have been satisfied with raking in the $$$ and have put very little towards the Research and Development to improve the safety of their helmets. I am not associated with SHARP by the way… but here is their web site where you can search for the 2016 helmets that will truly save you: http://sharp.direct.gov.uk/

  12. i just got subbed and was wondering if you could make a full customation with speakers and a sick helmet under 500$

  13. Problem with Nolan is, it is like apple and doesn't let 3rd party accessories work with their devices, Nolan doesn't make life easier for 3rd party intercoms, like Sena or others.

    Most of the Nolans have glued interior, you can't wash/replace them down the road.

  14. No mention of BMW's offerings, their brain buckets are considered some of the best modulars out there.

  15. I've watching most of your videos. have you seen this modular helmet? Have you review this one from Lazer? Photochromic visor, coin screw removal.


  16. Scooter Pete says:

    My CL2 saved my life when I hit a deer at 50 mph. He may not like it but I recommend it based on experience.

  17. could you explain why the shark evoline didn't make the list as I'm considering getting one. cheers

  18. Whenever I read modular helmet reviews on Revzilla the age usually says over 65 and that is why I find it hard to justify buying one. I am already more likely to talk to the over 50 crowd at car meets even though I'm 21 the last thing I need is to be wearing the same helmet…. Jokes aside I just don't like the shape and the fact they tend to be heavier.

  19. iwantou says:

    Some low end helmets are just fine unless you need name recognition. I just bought a Origine (Italian designed and marketed, made in Shanghai China). It is ECE 2205 compliant, is lightweight a 1500 grams, thermoplastic shell, comes in two outer shell sizes, and has flip down shade. Excellent visibility, very sound insulating when buttoned up. Also has Bluetooth option. Model is the Origine Riviera Dandy. and is 1550 grams.

  20. I think you're missing out not including the Caberg Duke. Itialian-made, internal sunvisor, pinlock visor, chin guard lock, chin curtain, ECE approved, bluetooth systems ready(i got a Sena 3s on mine with a boom mike fitted, so I can use it with the chin guard up or down), comes in 13 different colours and designs, and best of all, it's only 1550g +/- 50g! And for retail price ranging from $180 onwards, it's hands-down the best modular helmet! Oh and it looks better than other modular helmets too

  21. Hi, thanks for the great review. But I bought the Ls2 Metro and I'm really enjoying it. It has the best sun visor I have ever used.

  22. Carlos Cal says:

    I about to buy a new helmet, how a bout a video on polycarbonate vs fiberglass advantages/disadvantages? It is confusing, some people say just the opposite. Polycarbonate helmets are safer than fiberglass ?  Thanks..

  23. Excellent information. Precisely worded. I'm off to find your review on Airoh J106…

  24. I have the R Alpha Max. I love this helmet. Very comfortable.

  25. Chris Ralph says:

    interesting that you didn't review the Shark Evoline modular helmet. Very like the N44 in that you can ride with it in 4 different modes, but the chin bar swivels right to the back of the helmet. I have one, and will buy again when I need to replace.

  26. Nguyen Tran says:

    Video has a lot of info as always, you did your research. I have the SHOEI Neotec, matte black, and no complaints so far when riding my R6. I was going to buy an ARAI helmet, but for some reason they don't make modular helmets.

  27. What about the Caberg Duke?

    Cheap as chips, 5* Sharp rated, and safe to wear open and closed ( aka dual homologated or P/J in Europe).

  28. What are your thoughts on the shark evo 3?

  29. John C says:

    Is Fort Nine ever going to carry Roof helmets from France? They're double certified and street legal in Ontario. Would love to support a Canadian retailer rather than ordering from an eBay seller in Europe!

  30. ariel torres says:

    hi, what do you think about roof helmets (desmo)?

  31. razorseal says:

    Wish you had included the evoline or evo one series from Shark. Really none like them… you can ride open or closed and change on the go.

  32. Hi. I tried a Neotech today. It felt good.
    How's the RPHA MAX in comparison?

  33. Why is this wicked cindy crawford keeps coming up on my youtube video surfs. How can i get rid of this cunt ?

    Note: Now because it's about helmets, i had to watch it. What parent encouraged you to shoot youtube videos ? You're talking about modular helmets and it does not show Schuberth helmets 😀 Someone please clean this crap from internet. We have enough internet garbage anyway.

    It's not a thousand dollars, ranges from 256 euro to 480- 490 euros which is, like max 750 aud. And the ones you're contrasting are not cheap, they are at the least 500 AUD $. Schuberth has ECE + DOT certificates, which surpasses nearly anything on the planet. Check the prize of ECE + DOT approved helmet prices in contrast to a Schuberth one. You will see that Schuberth is actually the cheapest thing that can save your brain in a crash, and would give the max comfort during the rides. Quietest helmets by far, because they are the only manufacturer that gives DB values of the helmets they manufacture. Others does not even mention about that. Period.

    The reason why it is a fuckn 1000 AUD $ in here, is that you gotta feed the fuckn ozzy resellers that does not do anymore than wearing thongs and tricking everyone especially those "50-word capacity talkers from asia" to get a life. So The moment you open fc-moto.de and check stuff, you will see that actually everything is far more cheap and better than anywhere.


  34. Sean USA-FL says:

    Thank you FortNine for making such great videos. I live in south Florida, USA; it is hot. For my first motorcycle helmet I purchased the Crazy Al half head helmet; it offers a premium feel, low profile body and light design, with my favorite feature the ratcheting quick release. Next I would like a modular for longer distance rides. My top choice is the Shark Evo-One Krono. Shark Evoline or Evo-One because the flip face actually flips in a way that is aerodynamic to wear as an open face helmet. I go to the Krono as it has the same ratcheting quick release as my half helmet. I really want to put some kind of Bluetooth speakers in as well to play music. Your thoughts?

  35. Ethan Moreal says:

    Fort Nine,You guys need to place the name and detail of the item you guys review in a small part (Box) of the video so we can have a full info about what reviewed uploads the channel does,I at most time can't even know the name of the item

  36. I have a Shoei GT-Air and a Schuberth C3 Pro. The C3 is superioir in almost every way (lighter, less noise, better sun visor, more comfortable, doesn't fall apart) I had similar problems with Shoei helmets before and my opinion is that they are way too expensive for what they deliver.

  37. Mark Binns says:

    I owned the HJC CL-Max 2 Helmet for a couple months. One day I was grabbing it off of the ground and it fell from about 18 inches as it slipped out of my had. Completely destroyed the chin opening actuator. Cracked the injection molding as well.

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