Behind the scenes: Guy Martin meets the Triumph Rocket streamliner

Behind the scenes footage as Guy Martin gets his first look at the Triumph Rocket streamliner he will use to attempt a new 400mph World Land Speed record at …


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22 Comments to “Behind the scenes: Guy Martin meets the Triumph Rocket streamliner”

  1. Good stuff, was hoping for atleast one start-up.

  2. LesBec Kilby says:

    C’mon Triumph let’s do this, take the title back!! I am rocket roadster owner from OZ do us proud!!!

  3. John Tyrrell says:

    Hope he will still be able to go for it after the crash he had this week road racing. Get well soon. Best of look from IRELAND 

  4. The Power of 3 x 2 + Guy Martin = TRIUMPH.

  5. good luck to him and the team!!!!!!!!!!!!! he is a brave man !!!!!!!!!!!!!! (from Trieste Italy)

  6. Best of luck to guy an the team. Keep her lit boy ;)

  7. Don't hipe it too much or Japanese will get interested and then we know the story…

  8. Lewis Deans says:

    awsome machine deserves a brew to toast you good look me old sparra

  9. Schaaf says:

    I was expecting to hear at least one "MEGA" or "PROPER" :(

  10. Velorean says:

    Incredible! Good luck to Guy and the Triumph-Team! Many greetings from Germany :)

  11. BOLIPILOT1 says:

    I love watching all the attempts Guy makes. What concerns me about this is if it takes that much time and trouble to get into the cockpit how is he going to get out of the cockpit in quick time if there is a problem? Wishing Guy & Triumph all the best

  12. Banditmanuk says:

    Good luck to all the team.

  13. Ralph Baker says:

    if anyone can do it Guy's the man spot on

  14. Makes me proud to ride a Triumph, best of luck to Guy and the team!

  15. very brave man, good luck to all

  16. inkitatus1 says:

    Awesome! Good luck to all involved

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