Arcimoto 3-wheeler Demo – CES 2016

KBB’s coverage of the Arcimoto 3-wheeler at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show.

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35 Comments to “Arcimoto 3-wheeler Demo – CES 2016”

  1. Ivan Matz says:

    If I was in the market for something like this, I'd take a Twinzy any day.

  2. 11,000 for that thats steep for 11grand i can get a good used car

  3. Ansr Max says:

    Elio over this for sure.

  4. I don't know y but it look like a Mazda concept

  5. So…it's basically a golf cart with one less wheel.

  6. Ridiculous, I bet this was government funded, 0 to bankrupt real quick, real quick

  7. Lawrence Lo says:

    i am not going on the free way with that

  8. Joe D says:

    Lol that thing makes a smart car look safe

  9. tigerbalm says:

    It's called a Vespa….

  10. tigerbalm says:

    Why aren't you designing a golf cart? Todays golf carts sucks!

  11. ant sala says:

    goodluck surviving an accident in that

  12. Sleepy Panda says:

    Good to see Lieutenant Dangle has found his post-Law-Enforcement calling in the auto industry.

  13. enemay says:

    for 12k keep dreaming.

  14. ChrisGotsIt says:

    Efficient in everything but the price.

  15. FPChris says:

    How's it feel when you get T-boned?

  16. and i think of john badsey  three wheels….a long long time ago

  17. PLuA says:

    This makes the polaris slingshot and the canam spyder look safe

  18. MyWeedgrower says:

    i doubt they will sell much having it 11k. no radio so traffic reports on the way to work, 130 miles wouldn't even get most people to work and back home unless they live right in the city they work in so that limits your market. what they should do is make a four seat version with longer range, solar charging and radio

  19. Geok Poh says:

    I like it. hope the company will consider weather like singapore. Rain alots. see u soon selling in singapore. I want to buy it.

  20. I would be happy with just 70 km/h….

  21. I want one! I need something that can get me where I need to go, but don't need a driver's license. 

  22. walter roski says:

    where can i go to order this 3 wheels

  23. C D Hanks says:

    Those round concrete thingies are not cones, they are bases of light poles.

  24. How fast can it go? How far it can go? And how long does it take to recharge?

  25. Charles chan says:

    I have corolla S, I need to pump gas $28/wk, let just count it $30/wk, one years will be $1560, SRK cost 11900, so if I diver this thing 9 years, the gas saving will paid off this + battery replace after 6years(battery cost $2500)

  26. MrPro10 says:

    A lot of negativity in these comments. This a really cool little trike and should be a lot of fun too, 0-60 in 7.5 seconds, will probably feel very FAST. They need to get these out on the road and show more videos with the sides on, that's how most of the world will be using them. $12k is a lot but it's going to need minimal servicing and fuel costs will be almost non existent. Get them on the roads!

  27. Evert Nyburg says:

    its to wide you just buy a car ,, whith ac and doors

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