An Honest Review of The Triumph Bonneville

The Bonnie is a neat bike – but it’s not as amazing as many gushing reviews online make out. I thought I’d take a little more of realistic look at what it’s like to own …


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22 Comments to “An Honest Review of The Triumph Bonneville”

  1. This is the best review I've ever seen. Awesome post. Thanks

  2. enjoy the video your funny lol

  3. Zipsam says:

    browsing around for all sorts of options for my next bike, and came across this vid. had me laughing! unfortunately probably wont get this bike, but excellent video!

  4. 'Now it's made in Thailand not Britain'…… Lol!

  5. Frank Tank says:

    Your girlfriend probably dumped you because you are a whiny bitch. LOL Enjoy the scrambler. It's cute

  6. Alien Moto says:

    haha, that was brilliant! You put effort into it, well done!

  7. Merckx 321 says:

    Who needs TV when we've got videos like these? Thanks!

  8. funniest and best review I've seen.

  9. Jess Cain says:

    Awesome review!! I think I'll stick with my 98 Thunderbird Sport. The Bonnie also bugs me that they hung the brake caliper on the bottom side of the hub. Scrambler owners have experienced more serious problems with that one.

  10. ian Barnett says:

    what a horrible useless lump of crap

  11. HAHAHAHAHA great video mate. Hopefully you decide to do more.

  12. wow I feel like I was watching RegularCarReview!
    it's weird but the weirdness is the charm of this review.
    I like it

  13. I like the intro very much 😂😂❤️❤️

  14. Loved the review. Very honest and as end user and a Brit was just what the Dr ordered
    Suspension is a worry – even though I had a good night out in Sydney.

  15. Shit brake syndrom…loool..Funny!

  16. A Dylan H says:

    This is great.. funny video.. Well put together. Cheers!

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