5 Best Motorbikes 2016, New models,line-up,Yamaha MT10,Honda CBR,ZX10R,Ducati,,Triumph.

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  2. Softly involved writing cake fact pursue

  3. the Kawasaki ugghh that bike looks sexy af

  4. tjak niar says:

    great sound of supersport 600cc check this out


  5. Eric Moon says:

    that 2016 Kawasaki ZX 10R is one of the best looking machines I've laid eyes on!!

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. ducatis fairing not good. the cbrs speedometer not all digital… where the hell is the suzuki?

  8. Ryan Khan says:

    the Yamaha Mt 10 is the king of all,it just so freaking beautiful.

  9. Contemptible Bike Ranarian CBR

  10. Is the new zx10r has an electric steering damper/adjustable shock ?

  11. would have been much better without the computer farts in the backround .

  12. Error01 says:

    Some weird audio/video cuts there…wouldve been nice to see specs for each bike too

  13. Din Roja says:

    Kawasaki made in malaysia. best quality

  14. masyola says:

    Yeah my bike is there (cbr)

  15. Vince D says:

    wtf is a CBR125 and that fugly MT-10 doing between that ZX10R and Panigale.

  16. Eden says:

    Does MT stand for Megatron because that's what it fucking looks like

  17. TacMoto says:

    Swap the CBR300 out for the Yamaha R3 and you have a decent list there.

  18. unknounname1 says:

    how if indonesian 2016 CBR150 version have the CBR's colour in the video..

  19. RageMonster says:

    colors of the MT-10 = Ugly as fuck…

  20. Ruli Winanta says:

    judging from that square stick swing arm and single front discbrake.. i'am pretty sure thats 2014 CBR150cc… YESS 150 Cubic Centimetre! why the hell you put that shit among those beauties??

  21. Ducati always covering their ugly engine 😂

  22. the CBR looks ugly..lol zx10r is sooooo Sexy..& ducati too…:)

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