3 day Motorcycle trip to Nelson, New Zealand to visit the NZ Classic Motorcycle Museum – Documentary

3 Day motorcycle trip from Christchurch to Nelson on my BMW R80 where our main mission was to visit the amazing NZ Classic Motorcycle Museum where we get to see 6 Brough Superiors plus 300 other amazing classic bikes. On the way we get to see some amazing scenery plus have fun on the many twisty roads in the South Island of New Zealand.


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18 Comments to “3 day Motorcycle trip to Nelson, New Zealand to visit the NZ Classic Motorcycle Museum – Documentary”

  1. Volgnit says:

    What a great trip. The video is superb mate. Had me spellbound the whole way through.

  2. ShibuHara says:

    Loved this travel video! I am dying to go to that museum now!

  3. nzbeeker says:

    That is so cool… You know what… I have been riding since I was 15… Have just turned 48… I have never ridden in a group more than 2 people… Would love to do a group ride one.

  4. JaffaSaffa says:

    Awesome video mate! That museum is awesome.

  5. f0rkit says:

    Brilliant timely video as just last week me and a mate decided to do this exact run from Chch in early Jan! Question, do you know what clubmans your pal has put on his Bonneville?

  6. algreen says:

    I always love your videos, your channel is very underrated imo. Looking forward to your next video, cheers! :)

  7. clanmac66 says:

    Great docu/vlog thanks to St John Smythe for the heads up! I was expecting to see a lot more jap bikes on the roads, due to where you are in the world and the fact mine is a 2014 GSX1250FA.

  8. your vids are always such a high quality :)

  9. Tim38765 says:

    Awesome, thank u for this nice video!

  10. Hay Dude. great Vid. really interested to know what you filmed this with and what res and frame rate because it looks great. really impressed. also what fps etc did you upload to you tube?.

  11. NorseBiker says:

    Wow, love this video so much! great work! :-)

  12. cool video Jonathan, I can't believe you met up with Georg Waldburg, he is also from Canton Schwyz (SZ) like myself, his bike stood at our local BMW dealers open day; I trust this finds you and your mates in best health and spirit

  13. Antz M says:

    Awesome Johnathan. We did the South Island in Feb. Stopped at the Motorcycle Museum in Nelson aswell. This Museum has been brought by Transport World in Invercargill and is being shifted down to Invercargill later this year.
    We did from Bluff to The Spit, Collingwood. Awesome trip. Did you guys stop at Rotherham or Blackball? Totally recommend both. Blackball is just round the corner from the Pike River memorial.
    Love the video mate keep them coming.

  14. video was awsome and the roads was beautiful especially the museum of motorcycle wow amazing……thanks for sharing….

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