3 Crazy Harley Davidson V-Rods & Sportster – BURNOUTS AND LOUD SOUNDS!

Extremly loud custom bikes!
Big thanks to the really nice owners!
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38 Comments to “3 Crazy Harley Davidson V-Rods & Sportster – BURNOUTS AND LOUD SOUNDS!”

  1. B M says:

    assholes on motorcycles. yet again.

  2. 5664788 says:

    What is this? Fuckin gay pride parade?

  3. Rick Taylor says:

    I'm surprised to see this, usually a Harley won't do a burnout in wet grass. Still nothing, compared to a screaming Kawasaki!!!!

  4. tom my says:

    Hey everybody! Look at me! Nothing else has worked, so I've resorted to making loud noise to get you to notice me. Thank you. Now I am somebody.

  5. 1:28 vertical recording bastard, busted mofo! I bet u uploaded that crappy vertical video on you tube.shame on you

  6. Sv N says:

    Haha, die russischen Kanisterköpfe

  7. Martin Halls says:

    Does anyone know the name of the helmet that the sportster rider wear ?

  8. Anyone Got details on that sportster ?

  9. When you think your still in the closet gay but everyone sees you own a vrod, buncha homo fags

  10. nice bikes but stupid…I don't get the whole tire smoking brake stand? Rev that fucker and dump that clutch that's how real men do it…..

  11. whyy are harleys so expensive

  12. MrViolero says:

    Drei idiots with a very little penis..

  13. can some one tell me if the first bike they show the silver and black V-Rod is like a different body kit?

  14. fl96inches says:

    This is your behavior with a small penis… It's what you do.

  15. moto king says:

    is it me or did i just see a grom behind them harleys

  16. Paul Fri says:

    Yellow Nuda at 1.33 + 1.48 :)

  17. azkiker says:

    hey man what kind of helmets are they using those low profile openface 3/4s
    what brand?

  18. Star Core says:

    Typical self centered morons with dick size issues thinking other people are at their disposal and have time to waste for them…

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