2017 Triumph Daytona 675R | First Ride

Big thanks goes to the guys over at Triumph America for letting me take the Daytona 675R out for a first ride. If you like this kind of thing let them know using …


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  1. RubberTyres says:

    17:33 , "…it is just too much power for you".

     There is not such thing as too much power. haha.

  2. pam pam says:

    it look like fuckin' panigale

  3. I wish you would do a First Ride on a KTM Superduke R. I just pulled the trigger on one after test riding one, they're fantastic…

    I was trying to decide between the FZ-10, Speed Triple R and the Super Duke, which is why I wished you had done one.

  4. Michael W says:

    I am actually looking at getting a Daytona and I ran the numbers for its upgrades to the R model here is New Zealand the standard Daytona costs 16k about the same as an R6 while the R model costs 21k only 4 K short of an R1 but to do a full shock upgrade to ohlins suspension it would instantly blow the standard model over 21k not to mention all the carbon parts and the quick shifter the R model has to. So it all depend on if your the kind of person who likes to upgrade big things like shocks if not standard model probably alright but to buy a standard model then upgrade the shocks would cost more than the R.

  5. scitzen says:

    yes yes yes chase glad you got to test one there are costly but when your riding it you always have that smile

  6. 白いバラ says:

    Crap, shouldn't have watched this … I see Daytona's every day, due to the local triumph dealership up the road from us, but fuck god damn it ;-; … I love my ZX10R, my R1 track bike … but now, now I'ma piss a close friend of mine off, by probably putting both an R6 an Daytona in my garage.

    … just after I got him an R6, since he wrecked on his own 10R ( Repairable, just out of commission for awhile. ) … Uuugh, fuck you Chase, fuck you, I miss the induction sound of the daytonas, FUCK YOU.

  7. Crazy knife says:

    You don't see many people riding it because it's the price of a liter bike.

  8. FLOW says:

    could you do a r3 and rc390 review. also i was thinking of a first bike but dont know which one i should get so many choices lol. theres ninja 250/300, cbr 250/300, r3, rc390, gs500, sv650, fz6r

  9. Man you're gonna make me get this as my second bike. lol already got the r3 as my first lol

  10. Arctic Pride says:

    Chase do you work with any influencer agencies?

  11. andrew leroy says:

    haha you're riding where i ride all the time.

  12. lvcsslacker says:

    The only reason I have my EBR 1190RX is because my local triumph dealer sold their daytona 675 (NOT the R-spec) about a half hour before I got there.

  13. |I don't get why so many vehicles get branded with the number of a year later.
    Its not 2017, the bike is here right now so why is it called 2017..

  14. Mr E says:

    The front end of that bike is akin to how the alien Queen in the movie Alien vs. Predator looks… The over hang of her skull… Still a cool bike, aside from the awesome-sauce reviews you grant us with. I especially like the review you did on the Ducati Multistrada enduro… I would've been happier if it were the 1200s model, as that is what I ultimately have my eyes set on. Nonetheless, keep up what you're doing!

  15. L Perk says:

    like the vlogg but one thing. Not recommending for new rider thing just had to stop. What a way to put someone down by lifting yourself up. I test rode that bike and it is great for anyone that went through a safety course. As with any bike take your time with it while you are in the break in period that's what it's for, the break in for the bike AND the rider.

  16. That music made me want to hang myself.

  17. NAHID . M says:

    does it look like ducati panigale

  18. Frugaltail says:

    brilliant bike…. shame it is discontinued in 2016…. this may be the last first ride video for this bike! hope the 800 is even better

  19. Triple Tread says:

    Kind of want to trade my daytona now…….

  20. CoastRider says:

    awwwww you said fiancé :)

  21. JRob661 says:


  22. You should ask Triumph if they'll set you up on a course, so you can ride it properly.
    Great bike!

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