2016 Triumph Tiger Explorer review with Charley Boorman

Motorcycle Sport & Leisure magazine joins Long Way Round and Long Way Down adventurer Charley Boorman to look at Triumph’s new bike. For the full story …


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10 Comments to “2016 Triumph Tiger Explorer review with Charley Boorman”

  1. Rev-al says:

    Stutter stutter stutter -

  2. BHP Bikes says:

    I took the 1200 XRT out for a 2 hour road test the other week and I have to say I was very impressed. I already own the old 1200 and it is a great bike but the little niggles that annoyed me on the old bike have now been rectified with the 2016 model. I am quite excited to receive my new Tiger in the next week :D

  3. AussieRider says:

    Keen to know more about the Hevik base layer! How are they in hot climates? We've had a very hot summer and the cheapo base layer I bought on Ebay is not working well

  4. Jimo368 says:

    Is "slippy" a word? I keep hearing it.

  5. NomadBiker says:

    Get the sense Charley is being very diplomatic so as not to piss on BM's chips lol , fair do's fella … Get well soon .

  6. Looks like an other step forward in motorcycle technology. Get well soon, Charley!

  7. Shouldn't call a discussion with a brand ambassador a review.

  8. Steven Broom says:

    Good video. But Charley is paid to endorse Triumph so let's be clear that this is an advert rather than a review.

  9. Get well soon, Charley! Can't wait to see you up and on a bike again soon. Cheers and love from Philadelphia.

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