2016 Triumph Thruxton Review

Having low expectations exceeded is always preferable to high expectations not being met. With all the hype surrounding Triumph’s Bonneville Thruxton reboot, I attended the press launch under the premise of the Thruxton being a stylized Bonneville racer lacking the performance for which it’s namesake implies. How surprised was I to discover that a traction-control system was the only thing keeping the fuel tank from smacking me in the chest when grabbing a fistful of throttle for the first time.

Read the full review here on Motorcycle.com: http://www.motorcycle.com/manufacturer/triumph/bonneville-thruxton.html


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28 Comments to “2016 Triumph Thruxton Review”

  1. Aaron Fink says:

    That engine sounds great. I am guessing the test bike was fitted with an accessory performance exhaust.

  2. prashanthk8 says:

    Nice review guys..pls do a video on the new triumph street twin.

  3. Tom Prescott says:

    Mine's coming shortly. 🙂 How tall are you Tom?

  4. JIGA BACHI says:

    Beautiful machine to look at, probably not as beautiful to live with as your only daily ride unless u r 20 and made out of playdoh.

  5. Matt Helps says:

    top notch review and vid. cheers.

  6. Sophia Sther says:

    How do you doB You've Gou It. superficial snow What's your opinion about it, huys !!!

  7. vstarblackie says:

    Please tell me the Thruxton has metal fenders

  8. gwwayner says:

    So nice to see beautiful but functional motorcycles on the road again. I've never seen so many ugly motorcycles as in the last decade with 'transformers' styling or the 'hyper-motard' and 'adventure' styles. The sport-bikes with fairings all look basically the same which is boring to look at even though they are lightening fast. The naked sport-bikes look better IMO. Harley discovered their 'retro' styling heritage and they now sell in huge volumes, and I think Triumph is going to do the same with their new Bonneville line. Chasing huge hp numbers is not the selling advantage it used to be and riders are more interested in a strong torque curve, easy handling, cool looks, and reasonable comfort; let's face it when your motorcycle license is gone so is your car driver's license!

  9. blip98 says:

    In the flesh they look even better!

  10. Photo314159 says:

    Have you been lifting, bro?

  11. wow, I am die hard fan of this motorcycle!!!

  12. Tommy Cruz says:

    I really wanna like the fairing, but I think it looks much better without it.

  13. joehladik says:

    great sound work on this vid!

  14. MrSelfDef says:

    Soooo cool. I hope these are made in Leicestershire and not Thailand like the Bonnie.

  15. poit444 says:

    Really appreciate this in depth review. One main reason is some people (who should know better) actually claim that the standard model has a different engine set up than the R. I was told that the 1200 HP is only for the R which is clearly incorrect based on this review and directly from the Triumph Spec on their website. Those people will see in a few weeks that it's not the 1200 HT Bonnie engine but the Thruxton HP across all models with all 3 modes and the difference being the suspension/ brakes/ tires for the R. As the rider, the question will be is that $2k difference worth it to you.

  16. Benson says:

    Reminds me of the ducati sport classic 1000. What a beaut

  17. 300zxdriver says:

    Yes but does it wheelie?

  18. Greg Welch says:

    12500 for the standard? jesus

  19. my chest hurts watching this video. I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!

  20. I had the 675th like lol. Triumph Daytona 675, ya know.

  21. brilliant review.. less of drama n absurd camera work .. more of straight meaningful talk…!! In love with the bike already…!!

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