2016 Triumph Thruxton R * Motorcycle of the Year * 1st Ride & Review

2016 Triumph Thruxton R…..How you like me now!!!!!?


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  1. Charlie P says:

    This would make the commute over into the valley not so mundane. Great bike! Wow.

  2. MrSelfDef says:

    Sat on one of these in my lunch break today, couldn't believe how slim the tank felt between my legs, unlike my other bikes. Got to buy one. 😁

  3. Just watched this back to back with your RNineT vid and you seem to much prefer the BMW how would you compare them? Also would you ever take one over your Speed?

  4. You are shaking like a alcoholic.

  5. Very nice review, i like the looks of this bike, and the way the handlebars are shaped, suprised how smooth the engine sounds, great looking bike and your review was very precise and to the point, look forward to seeing more future videos on your site, SFR

  6. tmr626 says:

    If anyone wants to really modify their whole bike I just found a great video to check out. Look up: Triumph Bonneville T100 Modified By Nick Serrano. Very nice looking bike!

  7. tmr626 says:

    If any of you guy's are thinking about buying some really hot exhaust mufflers for your new Triumph's, check out the following video's from Gasser Customs, Triumph Thruxton D&D Exhausts, and D&D Full Race TT Modify, Triumph Thruxton. You're really going to love the sounds of these things.

  8. Renzsu says:

    Is it just me or are the factory suspension settings quite stiff? I'm a skinny dude, but I was wondering if I perhaps had grown a bit too accustomed to my plush 20 year old Honda.

  9. Craig C says:

    Radiator looks like it comes with a guard, very nice. Really like this bike, lots of attention to detail.

  10. matthew kohl says:

    best review ive seen and ive seen them all. good to see it ran up a little bit.

  11. it does not have a D.O.H.C.engine but it's looking sexy

  12. for those who are colour blind this is red…should i laugh or should I take it as a serious note…but I laughed a little when you said that😛

  13. Max Efrt says:

    If you've ridden an fz09(mt09) can you compare the ride. Torque and pull and whatnot. Thanks

  14. Mike Bellot says:

    The most beautiful machine, good god

  15. Eric Hoover says:

    God damn you ride the shit of these bikes

  16. Well said Norton Commando 961 are a peace of Shit and a big lemon too

  17. sexy bike, but man you're a douche on two wheels

  18. PeterDad60 says:

    Jackin the price already, are we? FU.

  19. That's more a bike you can have for 50 years and be happy on it in another 50 years. The new MT's are high HP and T but I don't think they'll be as cool in decades time. Triumph have it in the looks and materials department. The way the gauges are positioned is kinda a bit luxurious over the MT's digital. Your thoughts?

  20. Richard Dunn says:

    Nice review. I really like the silver/grey version. Looks fantastic. BTW, I think you meant 'John' Bloor! :-D

  21. Un-ass that gawdawful rear fender, and I'm in.

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