2016 Triumph Street Twin (Bonneville) bike review: Better than a Ducati Scrambler?

The Triumph Street Twin is the first model to emerge from a totally revamped and newly categorized family of models wearing the iconic Bonneville badge.


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  1. can low saddle be a problem for an high person?? maybe for its uncomfortable position

  2. Amjad Ali says:

    +Auto Trader whats the top speed of the street twin??

  3. Amjad Ali says:

    +Auto Trader does the street twin sound better and louder than theold Bonneville?? pls reply thanku in advance

  4. Mind says:

    I have a triumph street triple and it's given me a love for the brand. That said, I would choose a Ducati Scrambler, but I'd rather have a Thruxton over all 😬.

  5. Hey I thought both wheels are 18 inch??? mistake in the video??

  6. PhobosAE says:

    I am really, really thinking of buying one of these (or a Thruxton 900).
    But i want to know, do these vibrate? Do they have problems with breaking parts? Are they reliable motorbikes?

  7. 1990 says:

    Is that jacket brand new?

  8. 1990 says:

    I'd much rather have a Ducati Scrambler. Way lighter.

  9. 0:20 i think i've got the exact same watch. Is it the Tag Heuer Carrera Fangio edition?

  10. sfbdotcom says:

    Having ridden both the Scrambler and the Street Twin, for me the Scrambler is edging it possibly because it has one or two rough edges because the Triumph feels just a little bit too sanitised. I've yet to try the T120 though and that might work for me, although I can't see why it's so heavy.

  11. whowalks1 says:

    I found it a more exciting ride than the T120. The T120 felt like a cruiser. But the scrambler is a lot more exciting to ride.
    Keep the Street twin for a cruisy Sunday and the scrambler for hooning around, In my opinion.

  12. I'll pick this over a scrambler any day.

  13. Also forgot to add: the front mudguard stops short of the radiator so that all the crud from the road sprays nicely onto the radiator. How long before road road stones puncture the radiator?

  14. Yes No says:

    54 hp from 900cc is just pathetic

  15. tommymech says:

    I can see that I'm going to be going against the tide on this, but I think it's dull as dishwasher in just about every way. It looks mundane at best and, contrary to what the presenter says, it sounds as exciting as a ride on lawnmower.

  16. What is the car on the left at 4:29? Anybody?

  17. Excellent review. Cheers Jon

  18. Inky Munster says:

    I can't help thinking the scrambler looks like a Van van on steroids, I had this thought when I stood next to one, and can't un-think it. This Triumph is a fine looking bike.

  19. Arduous Ant says:

    This is an awesome video, 😀 Im definatly subbing, i will try to visit your channel regularly from now on 😀 if you can do visit my channel! That would be awesome!! 😀 Until next time and keep up the great videos! Peace

  20. kungfuman82 says:

    Saving up for mine. Tried one and fell in love.

  21. spoonman73 says:

    Pretty bike. But lets face it, its all show and no go. And no tachometer? Please. Why can't manufacturers just get it right FFS.

  22. Mike Aronson says:

    Yes, cooler than the Ducati!

  23. Alejandro says:

    omg 900cc 200kg and only 55bhp?
    triumph is downgrading bikes now…
    rather get a street triple for 107bhp and lose the exhaust for the 3in1 go about to 180kg

  24. The product placement crap is really irritating.
    Have a dislike on me.

  25. No tachometer and no centre stand. Mmm. Not impressed.

  26. Maverick B says:

    I took a test ride here in Canada, Toronto. The bike is awesome, exceed my expectation. Next week hopefully I will take a test ride Ducati Scrambler.

  27. Iceman7 says:

    I'm a big car guy, and the only bikes I would sort of own are sports bikes, but this thing is just so beautiful. Retro bikes are too cool

  28. kram namwen says:

    scramblers cost of having the valves done? £600. So Triumph going to be much cheaper to run

  29. excuse my ignorance but, this will replace the T100? It has not arrived yet to my country (Mexico) until July 2016. I have the money to buy the t100 but Im hanging on 'til these arrives. So much difference in price?


  30. looks much nicer than the scrambler

  31. playbak says:

    No tach?? Well I'm fooked then

  32. dzwnw says:

    Great review! How tall are You?

  33. luketrash says:

    I have a 2015 Ducati Scrambler with a Mustang aftermarket seat. I sat on my friend's Speed Twin and you could almost blindfold me and I wouldn't know the difference. The ergonomics are so good on both bikes if you like small and easy-to-ride bikes. Honestly, I think the Speed Twin is probably a more sensible buy based on probable reliability and a simpler engine design. Both bikes are awesome. The sort of bikes I'd been waiting around for years to materialize. Retro but modern. And small and fun.

  34. Siper2 says:

    Yes! I've been anxiously awaiting this one, Jon I love your reviews. Greetings from the States!

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