2016 Triumph Speed Triple Review (First Ride)

We’re back in Spain again, this time for the launch of the new 2016 Triumph Speed Triple. Check out our used option: https://youtu.be/yyhMpGyrjZY.


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  1. this thing is 2k euros more expensive in Greece than in UK and 2.5k for the R model. Germany has the same prices as the UK. European union my ass..
    if STR is expensive bike for an english man imagine for a Greek at +2.5k..

  2. Dmajini says:

    I have it's little brother, (2012 street triple)! I feel in love with the style of the Triples! After 3 years of ownership and your review.. I think I want that upgrade to the Speed! 🙂

    I knew eventually I would want to get a bigger bike. This review just solidified that want!

  3. Akash Yadav says:

    That's a lovely review mate. Thankfully it wasn't as Hollywood/Bollywood styled and it was the most to-the-point review I have ever seen.
    Sadly, I can't afford it the Speed Triple or rather anything that's even a world famous 250/300 because of horrible pricing here in India. Rode Street Triple with full Arrows system an year or so ago and loved it. I am quite sure Speed would have been awesome!! :)

  4. lukaszg74 says:

    still the same power , come on triumph I was expecting more , I've had a go last weekend after testing 1000r and new gsx-s 1000 . Its as good as bmw only missing power . Its a waste opportunity for triumph , not to make engine bigger ( ktm )

  5. leumasgh says:

    what version of the triple is this one? r or rx?

  6. Tan Cakar says:

    really good review as usual! i test ride the 2016 speed triple R yesterday, one thing i want to ask , may be it was the demo bike but i though the throttle was very snatchy in the traffic. gears, clutch and all the other expects of the bike was just right. +Bike World Did you get funny on and off Throttle respond? In the review it says perfect fuelling. My current bike is 2015 Ducati Multistrada 1200S and i only get snatchy throttle on sports mode. ThankS!

  7. Driver Magz says:

    wait what? why only the left lightbulb lights up during riding? was the right one broken or did they split the high beam and low beam?

  8. GAUTAM 2131 says:

    perfect review…expecting a camparsion between 2016 speed triple and z1000 soon…

  9. John W says:

    The best motorcycle…ever!!! I've had crotch rockets and then I got a 2013 Speed Triple. Comfortable and powerful and has the best roar!!!

  10. Peter Miller says:

    Excellent review on a fantastic bike. Well done 👍

  11. havolia127 says:

    Triumph needs to stop trying to turn a street fighter into a race bike, just come out with a big bore Daytona and be done with it!

  12. I think I'm in love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. speedo 1050 says:

    S. Model far far better ROAD bike.

  14. D.B. says:

    Let me guess… It's immaculate.

  15. Brian Penn says:

    "Also, it's British…"
    Guess again, bucko. I hope you're half Thai.

  16. speedo 1050 says:

    They do 3 exhuast systems, twin Arrows, low boy 3 into 1 and Arrow twin off road system, which is the system i am havind fitted.

  17. David Perez says:

    The day they changed the round headlights they really killed the design. i would say take them back, put the exausts down on both sides and bring some more colours and maybe it will take some of the legend back

  18. jzm says:

    I want one, but i don't know if i could handle that front end. It's as hideous as ever. Those headlights just don't look good. But it's a great bike. Perfect example of function over form here.

  19. Banditmanuk says:

    Great review, I had the previous model for a year and loved it. My only gripe would be why haven't Triumph moved the exhausts down to the same position as the Street Triple…….loads of owners are going to have to shell out extra for a low boy exhaust.

  20. 786philb says:

    Harley advert over triumphs video,s. Are they worried. Dam right they are. Triumph rules.

  21. planedr says:

    A couple more updates and they'll be back to the round headlights. YAY!

  22. great bike, definitly a possibility

  23. Mate you should be in Geordie Shore banging some birds.

  24. Martin Sage says:

    Now, if they could just trim 20kg/50lbs off the bike it would be perfect.

  25. Grant Fahey says:

    Just to clarify, the Ducati 1200 is RATED at 160hp, Motorcyclist Dyno'd it at 131 at the wheel.

  26. sql-lover says:

    Triumphs are so underrated! One of the best bikes in the world, in my opinion.

  27. Garth Vader says:

    Great review,now subbed from a street triple owner.

  28. Mad Dog says:

    Good review mate…was ground clearance an issue for you on the road, or track?

  29. Brick Vader says:

    Great review. Thanks a bunch.

  30. Carl Moritz says:

    Let me asked you, which in your opinion would you want, Ducati monster R or the speed triple R ? Oh 1 other question lol will the monster R do a clutch less wheelie in 3rd?

  31. SineOccasu says:

    Such a good review I had to subscribe :)

  32. Hass Chapman says:

    I'll stick with my Street Triple RX :P

  33. Really appreciate how you've composed this video with quality shots and included a hearty dose of facts from the press pitch.

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