2016 TRIUMPH SPEED TRIPLE R – Ride & Review!

Thanks to the guys at Triumph America headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia and the kind people at Dave Death Motorcycles, Carisbrooke, Isle of Wight the long …


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  1. Erik Johnson says:

    Beautiful review ever of my dream bike. One of these days…

  2. Excellent review smo. I am a former (2011) Speed Triple owner and miss the character of the 1050 so much I am exploring my options to get back into the show with a 2016. I have watched at least 7 or 8 other review videos on the this bike and yours is the best and clearly illuminates all of the reasons why I want back into the Triple Club! As to the Price of Admission??? Who cares, it is only money(LOL)!!!!

  3. Pete K says:

    One other problem with the bike… Apart from the mirrors, I noticed when you're going really fast the speedo gets all blurry as well… 😜

  4. One can only dream of such roads in Belgium. Great review, thumbs up man!

  5. Calvin Green says:

    WAW great job men, that was like watching Top Gear for motorcycles. keep up the good work

  6. yeah chase it was! you both make wicked good reviews tho;)

  7. sweet review! i hopefully pick mine up this weekend;)

  8. PopkosCZ says:

    I started to sub your channel thanks to your old review on old 636.. and just saw this video after looong time .. Totally awesome man! Loved it so much !

  9. kawabunga660 says:

    Dammit, Smo! Your Street Triple review helped convince me to get my Striple..and now this! You're not easy on my wallet, pal! 🙂 Absolutely stunning review video as well! Some of the best on youtube for sure.

  10. soup 890 says:

    you are better than Baron von grumble and 44 teeth

  11. jason turner says:

    Great job on the video buddy….I went in to buy a MT10 but when in the shop and i had a chance to look at these bikes side by side the build of the triple r was so so much better.so i've bought 1 (well financed ).only down point is triumph are shit with build dates….end of sept we hope i was told…o well

  12. Slorm Raptor says:

    This is one of the best reviews i have seen, it's a professional work

  13. With your work situation being in a bit of a state of flux, you could seriously consider a career as a motor journalist doing reviews and the like. This review outclasses most of your mainstream reviewers. Some look positively amateurish by comparison.

  14. TheZallene says:

    Nice video dude, great work. Any idea if the headlights from this speed triple could be retrofitted to an older street triple? Cheers :)

  15. Evo Bikelife says:

    great review, man! enjoyed it.

  16. Speed Triple sales going through the roof after this review ;D

  17. Cornish_ Boy says:

    sold my 2011 speedy and have ridden the new one but found it a bit sterile, great bike don't get me wrong but doesn't excite me like I thought it would.

  18. Braaap85 says:

    This fucking review is gold and is 10X better than i have seen from any motorcycle magazine or youtuber. You deserve so many more subs than you currently have as your content is top notch and you have the attitude of someone that everyone would want to know! Keep up the solid work man, i hope life works out so that you can keep doing this comfortably!

  19. Wolfie Pics says:

    Awesome review.. neat, tidy straight to the point.. I remember the old Top gear reviews (we are talking years ago) and is very very much like you`ve done here.. Good job man.. well done..

  20. Nicely done, love those panning shots at the start! Also stop making me want a bike. Thx.

  21. ManuuRondan says:

    This looks like a Top Gear episode, love the quality Smo ;)

  22. Bernard says:

    You said no quickshifter for Speed Triple but it's an option on the Speed Triple configurator on the official site?

  23. CM MOTO says:

    just have to say ..awesome review ..

  24. Bernard says:

    You got mentioned by Triumph Motorcycles UK on Facebook :)

  25. Sexy shots there Smo! Can you do my bike now?! Haha

  26. Awesome review buddy 👌🏼 your definitely coming into your own now, congrats and long may it continue. Loving the videos. Keep them coming 😃

  27. Ye old chief says:

    Haven't convinced me. Till they make these nakeds beautiful, they just won't appeal.

  28. fantastic job Smo! enjoyed every bit of the video

  29. Awesome review man! Hope to see more of them in the future.

  30. How about reviewing the new Pikes Peak Ducati?

  31. Great review Smo. The passion in your voice says it all.

  32. Ride safe smo. I lost a freind last sunday while taking a corner

  33. 19803a says:

    Absolutely great job on this vid! I can relate to your comment about replacing your current bike. I absolutely love my 2003 speed triple and nothing has even come close to raising an eyebrow but this new speed triple is making it real hard not to put myself into a payment lol.

  34. Really enjoyed this, and the music was really good. Can you share what the track was and who its by?

  35. What mic do you use matey? Very good review, I presume you did the smooth intro in the us with chases gear? Wish I had gimbles :-(

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