2016 Triumph Rocket III Roadster Stock Exhaust Note/Walkaround

The Triumph Rocket III is a three cylinder motorcycle made by Triumph Motorcycles Ltd. At 2294 cc (140.0 cu in) it had the largest displacement engine of any …


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  1. owner of a 2015 Rocket III roadster. Cruising around with it,and loving it! 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  2. Have you heard about hoss boss..?

  3. legend says:

    Hay Zohair" nice rocket review, I ride a 2005 R3 and theirs nothing like her, when you ride a rocket their is nothing to upgrade to because she does everything well, so the price of a new one is actually cheap, take her out and you will love her!

  4. hkthor says:

    Looks like Optimus prime, but sounds like a 125cc Vespa 🙁
    Love everything else.

  5. nihor joshi says:

    that's more than even a tata safari, it's insane ….!!!

  6. Saiyan Goku says:

    Zohair Can You Please Do Review On Honda Rune .The Model May Be Around 2006-2008.Its The Masterpiece Of Cruiser. I Have Seen 2 Of It In Hyderabad …..

  7. its so weird..
    there are people who are dying just to watch this bike and I, who never knew about it gat a chance to sit on it and take a pic!

  8. Ritchy050 says:

    what is this guy talking about. what a voice. wonder if he rides it with his sandals on.

  9. SATYA ATA says:

    IN hyderabad where r u from bro?

  10. Bhai kal park hotel aaye the kya rocket leke

  11. 2300 cc engine.. Zohair bhai..kitna deti hai? :P

  12. boss hoss is the highest capacity motorcycle ever made with a capacity of 8k odd ccs. it has a v8 engine!! and we have one in India!!

  13. Keyur Deo says:


  14. too classy!! but u focused on engine and forgot to show its total look especially from frontside, missing it..

  15. 1 more beast brother try for r1m or h2 oh h2r willll be much better btw triumph rocket howmuch mileage

  16. It's been one of my dream machine ever since I first came across this beast. I've seen it in flesh, it's out of this world. A great vlog loved it :)

  17. Hypertard says:

    That's no rocket, it's a bloody ICBM?!? Thank you for showing it to us :)

  18. bc monster hai kya engine hai…kya exhaust hai 😍😍😍

  19. ITGuru says:

    for a moment I thought is a 6 cylinder motorcycle

  20. Yash Sharma says:

    friggin brutal this thing is

  21. kithna dethi h? 😝😝😂😂

  22. md azeem says:

    zohair bhai gud video bhai next ab zx10r krt ka hona 😆😉

  23. Bloody hell it's huge! And exhaust not is also awesome liked it!

  24. Why do all triumph make a whine at low revs

  25. Kya Bhai ?!!! Only Wroom Wroom ?! Ek baar Baith liye hotey 😀😇

  26. rehan khan says:

    kinda sounds like a four cylinder sports bike with a pulsar exhaust

  27. BuFFMotO says:

    My favourite cruiser. Been loving it since it came out.

  28. Lemme first LIKE n then watch !!!!

  29. It's in banjara hills opposite tamron lens office right !!!

  30. bro this motorcycle is a beast in size it's frikkin huge

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