2016 Triumph Daytona 675R – Full review, fast ride and walkaround.

2015 / 2016 Triumph Daytona 675R – Full review, fast ride and walkaround by http://www.WhichBike.com staff member, Ade. What does he really think of this …


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  1. Sith says:

    Probably one of the best sounding bikes if not the best.

  2. I watched your video and was wondering if you would answer a couple questions. My sister is living in England and I'm going to visit. I have a Daytona 675 here in the states. I was wondering if dealerships would rent bikes there? Would I need a special license to ride if possible? It's a dream to drive my favorite bike in it's production country.

  3. would of been nice to see more than 5ft of road in front of you! guess you didn't use the go-pro app on your phone for camera set up.
    That aside, nice review.

  4. I'm a big fan of Japanese bikes more than anything, but that is just gorgeous, and the soundddddddddd, I could be departing from my likeness of jap bikes soon 🙂 always nice to try something different, great video

  5. Eric George says:

    Fab review AND WHAT A BIKE!…..Best in class in my opinion and as far as value goes…bargain.

  6. zen james says:

    Mr. Which Bike you make such a great video……I just wish I can understand what you are saying.

  7. jjkftw says:

    I was just about ready to pull the trigger on one of these but I read through the forums a laundry list of problems early on. Oil leaks, gaskets leaks, coolant clamp leaks, wearing cables…the list was insane and enough to scare me off. Any thoughts before I think Japanese? I don't want a bike that hits the shop a month into riding

  8. Draig UK says:

    My dream bike (being realistic about it)

  9. how long have you been riding and wud u recommend it for a new rider?

  10. Great review. Love your insight and commentary.

  11. dry509 says:

    How does the cbr600rr compare?

  12. Just ride you dumb Limey moron. Its a good bike if you can afford 2 bikes.

  13. Gary Snowden says:

    tried standard 675 but had quickshifter and the arrow exhaust 1st test ride id had i passed my test oct 2015 n this bike is very easy to ride n the exhaust with the quickshifter sounds awsome loved every minute of the ride really want the r version

  14. damianm1970 says:

    Thoughts as follows . . . Having ridden both there's no doubt the triumph is better value here in NZ than the overpriced entry level 899 panigale with its Showa bits and el cheapo paint job etc despite the ducati' s huge grin factor. I'd also suggest riding the 675R back to back with the standard 675 Daytona if you want to appreciate the difference the ohlins components make – it's all in the quality and feel of the damping. . . . Only place to ride the 675R is the track- in my opinion it doesn't make much sense anywhere else, (I've got one and have come to this conclusion fairly rapidly) . . .

  15. LJ Balongue says:

    If you drink every time he says Ducati P 899 you'll be drunk pretty quick…lol
    funny and good review though nonetheless

  16. LJ Balongue says:

    This is the only middle weight that holds its own with liter bikes…in both looks and performance! love this bike

  17. Yegs y says:

    It does have a steering damper

  18. Pillokun says:

    The sIlver stripe on the sides of the front fairing is so ugly, the clean look of the old 09-12 was so much stylish and better looking. But it sure is good, need just a bit more hp, so I am looking forward to the new 800cc daytonas.

  19. VictusPrime says:

    Is the quickshifter stock standard?

  20. It seems The Two Top bikes in this segment seem to be the Triumph 675R & the Yamaha R1M. At least according to most reviews.. If your living in Canada however YZF-R1M is sold out. [Meaning Canada their lot for 2015]

  21. bloggs24 says:

    Once im on my unrestricted license im tossing up between a new Daytona 67R in black, BMW S1000R in black or the MV Augusta F3 800

  22. jtkent28 says:

    I've got a '12 Daytona 675r. It's an outstanding bike handling wise and the triple engine has great midrange not to mention unique sound. Does kind of sound like a bucket of bolts when it's at idle though, lol. The 899 is the far better looking (pure opinion) though. Do have to say the 13' and up paint schemes aren't as appealing with the ugly stripes around the headlights and the bringing back of the old logo. 

  23. Apopheros says:

    color wise, I wish the black had a black low spoiler instead of a silver one.
    I prefer the white R for this.

  24. Tev928 says:

    that was such a nice lady :)

  25. Reece Evans says:

    Intersting. you make the bike sound really good. is it worth paying more get a liter bike if its this good?

  26. auch sex bike for road is best for you to panigale you think ade

  27. TheStressD says:

    There was a comparison review between the standard version and the r. The standard version was only slightly over a second slower than the r version and they said save your money and just by the standard version because its just as good.

  28. TheStressD says:

    I love this bike with a passion, i would it all red inc frame and wheel stikers

  29. Adie Kitachi says:

    To hopefully help answer your questions, I've ridden much of the Triumph range and I've owned a 2013 Street Triple R from new for the past two years and ridden it practically every day. I've had a trouble free 12,000 miles out of it. It's an absolutely cracking bike but I'm edging towards a Daytona R for that extra power, fairing and a screen. The Street Triple R suffers from wind blast from 75mph,  takes too much concentration at 90mph and is horrible at over 100mph (tried on track of course).

    The Street Triple is a seriously amazing machine for everyday town riding, twisty A-Roads and a Blasting through the countryside. The Daytona R is probably better though if you want more power, agility, better brakes and handling. Let's face it, who doesn't? The wildcard for me could be the new Tiger XCA, I've ridden a few and it seems that Triumph have everything right!

  30. Windy Run says:

    I had a street triple and loved it. Saw and test rode a daytona. Now have the daytona instead and love it (the R model). Installed supermoto brand adjustable clip ons which raised the bars 2" and now my daytona is as comfy as a 600RR riding position wise and has the torque and sound of the triple :)) Plus 128hp.  Its just about perfect.

  31. PCheezo says:

    the bike actually does have a steering damper. it's tucked inside the fairing :)

  32. Matt M says:

    I've always loved the Daytona.

  33. pxKfatmaN says:

    have you considered a chest mount for the camera? that angle gives 95% tarmac, 5%bike (when you actually look down). with a chest mount you get the cockpit of the bike + road

  34. Which Bike says:

    Was thinking about this bike today.Outstanding. I don't need another supersports bike so I am looking at a naked bike as you might all know.
    The ride I had on this is swaying me off a Yamaha MT-XX and onto a Street Triple R.

  35. hudsonrilke says:

    I enjoyed that. You pulled that lady too. 

  36. You can spend less money and get a litre engine sports bike, so the question for me is whether it's better than a brand new GSXR 1000 for example? 

  37. Nat Jacobs says:

    Ade, is this a good and sensible step up from my cbr600f ?

  38. thank you for the review. hard to find them on youtube

  39. Great vid, Ade. Lovely picture, spesh at the start with the setting.
    The last bit was vintage Ade haha

  40. Which Bike says:

    I didn't expect the bike to be THIS good !!

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