2016 Triumph Bonneville T120 Review

The cover came off and sunlight struck the red and silver paint of the late sixties Bonneville for the first time in a quarter century. Only 1300 miles after purchasing …


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  1. Jack LINDEN says:

    Advertzing masquerading as editorial content. Pathetic.

  2. Tyler Durden says:

    The black and brown will save me alot of money cause I was gonna customize my bike to look like that, this is perfect

  3. The white/black with gold accents is the cats ass ✌🏼️😎♠️♠️♠️

  4. is the headlight on this new bonnie welded on the forks?

  5. What's the length and wet weight on this bike?

  6. Andrew Young says:

    Nice bike  to look @,,,, good when they get bugs out like all new models

  7. how does it compare to Honda cb 1100 or kawasaki w800 or Japanese bikes?

  8. Re: footpeg clearance:"They told us we could get the Speed Twin footpegs, which come directly out"Are these 1938-66 Triumph speed twin footpegs?  Do they still make such things and if so, where do you find them?

  9. mcinkyt says:

    Average 5'8''? Where? I'm a normal 6'4''

  10. Where's did they shoot this video? With the beach and all? What place is this?

  11. Rat Fink says:

    A side by side comparison between the Thruxton would be great! Since they're all new for 2016 and there aren't many professional reviews on either (except for the R)

  12. Mayur Jadhav says:

    Good review .. thanks …. background looks nice …. what location is it?

  13. Arjuna says:

    would someone who is 6'0 tall look awkard on a boneville? is it tall-ppl friendly?

  14. I like the look of the new bonnies but I cant stand fake shit. Like fake carberators, fake primary covers ect. If you want an old looking bike , buy an old bike. They do ride nice though. Not fooling anyone into thinking this is an old bike at this point though.

  15. Aaron Kirk says:

    I love my T120 Black. Had a 2013 Bonnie before and this is a million times better. Awesome bike.

  16. Tommaso Tini says:

    hy, i am about to order a T120. not sure if I should order the V&H exhaust with or without omologation.
    I just don t want to spend 900euro without a sound/performance improvement….what do you think?
    I the one without omologation much better in terms of sound?

  17. ian Barnett says:

    i found the bonnie 800cc with norman hyde classic pipes, in green &silver livery most satisfying.

  18. cn 250 says:

    +pigdowndog haha, you should do stand up. Your as smart as Eddie Murphy's pet chimp.

  19. No way that seat is Olive Drab – its Brown !

  20. turbo311 says:

    Love the droopy front turn signals in the dramatic stock footage. The T120 is beautiful and definitely the bike for me. Love the details like LED running light and standard integrated heated grips. The new Thruxton is amazing but the T120 is more to my liking.

  21. cn 250 says:

    it's a tribute to the 1959 model. hahaha.

  22. Johnson Ling says:

    Great looking bike, but does it justify the price? In a million years, no. The same typical stunt pulled by manufacturers, we have a good product, let's put a hefty price tag to make it into a "Great" product, when all we're paying for is really the aesthetics #hipsters #trending #instaworthy. Triumph could have been that badass British player by pricing the bikes at what they really should be at, imagine all the European brands and Japanese brands will be holding massive emergency meetings. People like your bikes, we don't love it enough for the price tag, get that right. Triumphs logic, $$ = style > comfort, performance, value, pretty much everything else.

  23. Gregory Doan says:

    Are they throttle by wire hope not. Some of this new tech just goes a little to far, sorry I just can't put enough trust in that part of it I only trust the cabled throttle I am just OLD school. Great video once I changed it into 1080p thanks for the share

  24. So many Sportster guys saying they own a Harley are drooling.

  25. Very nice style. Too expensive tho.

  26. prashanthk8 says:

    Gud one…it wud be great if u guys cud do a review of the triumph 2016 street twin

  27. MrSlowestD16 says:

    Wow, looks like they really hit it out of the park with the new '16 Classics. Love the diversity and tailoring of each model to its intended purpose. Prior it was just every single bike had the same exact motor and the only thing that was slightly different was the scrambler had the 270* crank angle while the rest had the 360, but now there's different suspension geometry and power tailoring (probably just cams) to make each better for its intended purposes – which is very nice IMO. I also love the heated grips as this is indeed a decent bike for 1-up touring, and the heated grips just make that more so. The cruise also adds to this experience.

    So I completely love the new classics line-up, but to be honest, the old one base was what, 8600? 9? Somewhere around there. This is 11.5? That's kind of a big jump in price, IMO, and while it does add a lot of gizmos and function for that extra price, I think it moves the bonnie out of the younger customer target that it was in 2015 and below – now targeting a bit older and wealthier people – the previous one was sort of accessible as a first bike type deal – this one does not seem that way.

  28. cn 250 says:

    those don't count little tiny companies. and Aston Martin, jaguar are ford.

  29. cstarr3 says:

    Eh, not really a retro guy. For $11K-$13K price range, I can think of a few bikes that would probably do more for me. It is like paying extra money for designer jeans that look like they're a worn out pair of Wranglers; just the product of a generation with more money than brains… or creativity… originality. If I could buy one of these for $6K, at least I could say that it was a reasonable buy, cheaper than a Honda Shadow.

  30. Rob Mitchell says:

    got sick of the crap video and turned it off

  31. shin888 says:

    Has he been hitting the gym? Looking ripped… no homo.

  32. I have tested this bike, my own opinion this bike has a terrible handling. Japs bike are better and value for money.

  33. staver76 says:

    Anyone know the jacket on the left at 0:58 ?

  34. cn 250 says:

    sorry, what a piece of shit, with heated grips. hehaheha. hello Japan. Why does england have no car companies? for the same reason they have no sex lives. duh.

  35. BIKE GEARS says:

    all of these European bike's are just way over priced.

  36. cn 250 says:

    what a fuckin joke, hahaha, 13k. eat my shorts. 2k for used jap bike 10x better.

  37. Carlonepapa says:

    No doubt the bike is new and better in many aspects, but… why they keep the same poor tank design.
    The bike (and its family) deserves more tank design options.

  38. that is a nice looking bike! Is there a radiator on it?

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