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  1. Ticky Tocky says:

    "Go fast bike"? Go fast Harley maybe. Too bad it has the jerky jerky ride by wire throttle, it's either on or off, pretty miserable in between. All it takes to make a harley rideable is more money though. Put another 10 grand into your 17 grand harley and you'll have a 4 grand jap bike. That fairing looks like it's off a '73 RD350. I rode one and every bump my feet were bounced off the pegs and the bumps made the throttle out of control. The thing nearly broke my back on expansion joints, sorry, I tried to like it.

  2. Lee Gray says:

    Good review pal, your knees looked high up on the tank. Are your tall or is the bike on the small side?

  3. Supajayare says:

    Currently have an 06 Sportster 1200 Custom, but I can't decide on my next bike! Its either the Lowrider or Breakout.

  4. hey man I've been riding roughly two years now I have rode a few sport 750s and 1000 sport bikes but wanted to get a cruiser instead I had to settle for a 250 due to funds a few years back I'm almost paid off and want a Harley but with minimal experience on bikes would this be the bike you would suggest to someone like me? I'd rather pay for a big bike I can grow into but am open to suggestions. I prefer Slim bikes with mild weight nothing like fatbobs or street glides or wide glides. thoughts? thanks

  5. Luna llena says:

    Why you talk like you are sleeping?

  6. GenSparks says:

    Well I just bought a monster 1200R and I wish I knew about this model. I love harley's but not there riding position, this one seems like the harley I always wanted. Beautiful design. Still love my monster, maybe in a few years down the road.

  7. Erik Gloor says:

    Excellent review. Nice bike, but thanks to your review, I understand it's not what I'm looking for.

  8. Max Tiuseco says:

    hey there, i've been researching this bike quite a bit.. is this bike 2-up comparable? and if it is, is it comfortable for the passenger?

  9. Recently bought this bike from a dealer in Northern Colorado. Came with the 117" motor kit installed on it. Very powerful and responsive. This is my 14th Harley since 1995. All I can say is: Thank you HDMC, for FINALLY producing a Dyna worthy of V-twin street dominance. Well done, Harley! And thanks Matt, for the awesome "on-bike" commentary of this bike. I bought my first Harley from you guys at Laidlaw's back in 1995. You've got a great dealership there in So Cal. Keep up the good work.

  10. Nice review. I bought one last week. my planned changes are rear luggage rack with detachable pass seat/back rest, rear pegs, throw over bags as needed, Bassani exhaust, tuner, taller risers with a pull back and I'd like to remount the gauges to on top of the bars. other than that I think it's perfect. it's also the 36th Harley I've owned. I've also had 15 sport bikes of various brands and I think the S is a nice blend of the two styles.

  11. Please, estimated Top Speed and 0-60 ? Thanks

  12. jimmyP says:

    and i am 6'4 would you put forward controls on it ??

  13. jimmyP says:

    hey mate just wondering can you put the 117 kit on it straight away and will saddle bags fit on this bit looking at getting one just wonder if i would have to run the engine in before i install the kit ??

  14. I'm in the market for a harley, test rode the fat bob and loved it, the thing I didnt liked is the front mount pegs, found it wierd shifting (currently ride a sports bike) then I tested a street bob with mid mounted pegs and didnt like the fact the pegs where in the way when I was stopped. The lowrider S looks like its in the middle between front and mid mount pegs, is this true? And also looks like this has better lean angle and better handling, I liked the better handling of the fat bob over the street bob. Will go test ride this bike soon

  15. Very informative and thorough review. Thank you very much. Wish most reviewers would cut to the chase and stay on the vitals as you did. Great job! This earned a new subscriber.

  16. RDA8191 says:

    you do a very good job on these reviews

  17. great review buying this bike in a couple of weeks!! I have 1 very important question though. can I put a passenger seat on this bike for my old lady to ride with me?? If anybody knows I would live to know thanks guys

  18. Jojo Pe says:

    Nice review Matt. Im torn between this and the slim s. What you think looks better? We dont have any low rider S yet in my country so I have to put a deposit down first when it arrives next month. Hows the ride compared to the slim s? I will be using mostly around town and weekly out of town trips. Bike looks nice! Im concerned about the slim s floorboards scrapping on turns. What you think about this on the low rider s? Not a problem? Im 5'7" you think the seats not that tall for me? Thanks Matt.

  19. Ironwind1972 says:

    Appreciate the review, im 6'5" 350 lbs, its great to see a bigger guy do some reviews I can take to home with me. I'm going to look at this bike tomorrow with the intent of buying it.

  20. Rick Elliott says:

    Great review! A friend of mine just bought one from you guys. I think it's going to be my next bike and I'll give my Street 750 to my wife. I commute every day on the 605 on mine. Good to know about how it splits lanes. I would like to know what my options are on that breather. I get caught in the rain every now and then

  21. John Green says:

    If I lived in the LA area…I'd buy a bike at Laidlaw's just because of the videos. Excellent review.

  22. I had the chance see a Low Rider S in person the other day and liked the bike overall. That said, I was not crazy about the rim color though – they seemed more brown/green to my eyes (not a good color). I don't know much about powder coating, but do you think they could be redone relatively well in maybe a bright red? Or what color do you think would pop? Thanks in advance for any input you provide. Keep up the good videos and reviews! They are all very informative and not just a regurgitation of specs I can find on the website or just reading from a HD press release.

  23. excellent video you got here, I also have a video on a new 2016 harley davidson demo ride on may 14 2016, check it out and let me know what you think. any advice will help thank you

  24. Snowball,24 says:

    looks great,does it really have that much more H.P, n tork

  25. bongcdn08 says:

    I couldn't tell from the close up of the video, but can passenger pegs be installed?

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