2015 Waterproof Motorcycle Gloves Buyers Guide at RevZilla.com

2015 Waterproof Motorcycle Gloves Buyers Guide …


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  1. Roger Ulate says:

    Rev'it gloves H2O are lightweight, sucks for hardcore touring, per example, 3 hours under rain by 70 to 80 km/h

  2. I really like the way this guy presents… He shows passion in his work … Something most of you guys lack

  3. Revzilla customer review says Alpinestars Drystar have issues with inner liner not secured and sliding out. What do you guys feel about it as you try it on? (or actually, anyone who has the new Drystar, have the same issue?) Should I go for Corozal instead? I like the gauntlet length of Drystar better than Corozal…

  4. Andy Hoehn says:

    Concerning the Rev'it! Aquila H2O' Super Fabric is what? "14 times more abrasive resistant than something like leather". What does that actually mean? If you're not talking about leather, than what are you talking about? I like these gloves but the description falls short.

  5. McBrappin says:

    No disrespect but you're not Anthony, there's no point in trying to talk as fast as him if it just ends up screwing up the signal to noise ratio. Take your time and tell me important stuff instead of fast-talk-filler. :)

  6. apugali says:

    I prefer this Spurge over Anthony.great rundown on the gloves!

  7. RossLH says:

    Bought a set of Imatra gloves last year, rode through the Wisconsin winter with them, use them as rain gloves during the warmer months, they're worth every penny.

  8. Andy K says:

    This guy is annoying. Good info but

  9. AZ Patriot says:

    I appreciate the content of the video but the presenter sounds like he's really straining to be heard. Just on the edge of yelling at the camera. I feel like someone's trying to sell me some Oxyclean…

  10. WeKnowYou12 says:


  11. Anna pde says:

    Oh Anthony had lifting 😉 You look good :)

  12. wooooow noooooooo get the man back… No disrespect

  13. No disrespect to this guy at all, but I much prefer these videos when Anthony hosts them.

  14. nice collection, I'm still looking at the 2-1 style, looks like the Held and Rukka are the only ones doing that style, Held may have some quality issues by your customer feedback. They are a bit outdated, What are your thoughts, any new 2-1 gloves coming down the pipline? Im rocking heated grips on KLR.

  15. Kevin Brown says:

    Nice review Spurge, do the dainese gloves have any form of ability or addition, to enables use with an electronic touchscreen device like the revit ones. Other than stitching conductive thread etc. thanks

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