2015 Triumph Tiger 800 XC x – Review, ride and walkaround – Adventure/Explorer motorbike

http://www.whichBike.com staff member, Ade, takes out the new updated Triumph Tigger 800 XC x in his quest to find a tourer that suits him for his next bike.


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34 Comments to “2015 Triumph Tiger 800 XC x – Review, ride and walkaround – Adventure/Explorer motorbike”

  1. I've ridden Harley for many miles, but this bike is in another league, it's much less tiring to ride, more power, smoother, i
    absolutely love my triumph tiger 800 xcx I put 900 miles on it the first week

  2. Great video mate.
    How did you find it on a twistes? Does the 17inch wheel make it a lot slower to turn in?

  3. I just got one on order can't wait, great video

  4. Class reveiw man lived it fair play 👍👍👍👍

  5. May I suggest that you set the camera angle up a few degrees because at the moment we do not see the road ahead quite a lot of the time and it almost makes one sea sick watching your head bob up and down. You are not the only independent reviewer who gets this wrong.

  6. Stan Random says:

    2016 bike filmed in 2015 with 14 reg…

  7. craig butler says:

    what a load of crap need to learn a bit about the bike before talking crap …..

  8. Another one thats uses a potato as a video camera

  9. salavijas says:

    wooshy mooshy klonky wonky ..f***in im so shit at f***in u-turns lol thats a smooth review. i like it

  10. gjbosse says:

    that mirror…. Again!!

  11. squidword64 says:

    !st of march I pick mine up. Can't bloody wait!

  12. Patrick Joly says:

    Forget those haters…I love watching your review. You are funny! Cheers!

  13. Just because you have a video camera and a bike license does not mean your qualified to make a Bike Review Video? Have to say this was one of the worst reviews I've ever tried to watch! Perhaps a course on How To Ride a bike might help and the removal of the mike (of watch with the sound off!). Great Bike – Lousy Video Review!!!

  14. david jay says:

    A Rather ill informed review , lots of factual errors and the riding wasn't to clever either ( main beam on all the time ? )

  15. triumphrider says:

    I took one of these out last weekend. After riding a Street Triple for the past 3 years, I wanted something a bit more comfortable for touring but I didn't want to lose the superb Triple engine. This fits the bill perfectly.
    I was surprised at the lack of weight and superb handling to be honest.

  16. Keegan Bell says:

    I have had 3 knee surgeries on the same knee. Is this something that would be easy on my knee or would you recommend another bike for someone with knee problems? I currently have a ninja 250 and I can only ride about an hour or two without my knee seriously hurting me.

  17. I have this same exact bike! I would love it if you went off road and explained the off road modes and such.

  18. WEED2207 says:

    How comfortable is it with a Passenger?

  19. Andy Rea says:

    Loved the review. Thanks

  20. gjbosse says:

    Funny, I had the wobbely mirror testriding a Speed triple 😀
    Nice vid and nice bike.

  21. Budgie Bee says:

    and …… the 1200 is called the 'Explorer' not the 'Adventure' …. get your facts right!

  22. Budgie Bee says:

    Nice bike …. Pity about the reviewer! I am a biker and certainly not a prude, but it is really not necessary to ride like a plonker, breaking the road rules and use bad language when doing a 'professional' review.

  23. This guy would benefit from the IAM course!!

  24. Max Flight says:

    Crappy riding – overtaking on a double white line. Profanity and banal comments. 

  25. Gregg G says:

    Great review as always cheers 

  26. Robert Urban says:

    for that kinda money I'd rather buy super tenere.

  27. nice bike & video – how high is the seat height ?

  28. Peter Brooks says:

    Rode the same demo bike around the same time as you from the same dealer, and the mirror was still loose 🙂 Didn't stop me buying one though.

  29. equinox9 says:

    Have you trird the BMW 800gs adventure? I think it's a very similar sort of bike.

  30. I think you liked it! Good review and I agree with most of what you said, shame you let yourself down at 7:13…tut tut!! Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed it. Take care.

  31. -ED case- says:

    I want to get one and ride all over the fields :D

  32. hudsonrilke says:

    The Tiger Sport has colour coded Panniers and a Garmin Sat Nav thrown in if you buy before the end of May

  33. hudsonrilke says:

    Nice bike.  I'm having a bash on a Street and a Speed on Monday but this might make more sense.

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