2015 Triumph Thunderbird LT Test

Triumph have been trying to crack the American Cruiser market for a few years now without any real success. They are hoping that this new Thunderbird LT …


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  1. toshi ao says:

    why not go for Indian Scout??

    its lighter by more than 100kg, more horse power, better looking, cheaper, better looking and the list go on..

  2. Spathi says:

    I've been riding a Thunderbird for 4 years. Amazing Bike. Before I bought it I had my heart set on a Harley. Took a number of Sportsters (same price mark) for a ride. Uncomfortable, too much vibration at low speeds and top heavy. Harley gave me the dream of riding and broke my heart with the reality. The Thunderbird is smooth, little vibration and I've taken it on 2500km rides, even rode it through the rain depression left over from a cyclone and it never missed a beat. It is what it is. Not American. It is an amazing ride. This bike doesn't have to copy anything. It is the real deal.

  3. Me being a proud American and I just have to say I love the Thunderbird and will probably get one or a rocket 3

  4. André Fiori says:

    I think this bike is gorgeous, on pair with Moto Guzzi California 1400 in my personal ranking. The Guzzi is more peculiar, but the engine of this one is what makes it different from the usual Harley-Davidson's 45° V twin. I would pick one if I could.

  5. Dro Rez says:

    HD shills. Sellout Brit to boot! Shameful.

  6. FiferJanis says:

    As an American, I shopped for anything that WASN'T a Harley. Not all of us like pissing off the neighbors, I like my hearing, gas mileage, and wanted a better machine I wouldn't have to fuss with as much. There were many reasons I narrowed down to Triumphs and ultimately went with a Thunderbird. Most of the negatives I hear are people who want a Harley. If you want a Harley, you should look at HDs. Pick your bike on its own merits, don't go in looking for a copy of something else.

  7. Skinny Arms says:

    If rather have the Triumph Trophy.

  8. Not once, have you let us hear the engine, the heart and soul of any motorcycle, just elevator shit music, and a guy rabbiting of the music!?!? Bike review? Don't think so.

  9. The problem with trying to break into the American market isn't really brand loyalty. It's selection. The 2 "Triumph dealers" in my area have 2, and 3 bikes respectively on their showroom. While the 5 harley dealerships in the area each have 500 bikes in their massive facilities. Where do I even go to try out one of these Thunderbirds? That is the problem. They just aren't available to the extent that harleys are. That goes for most alternatives. So don't think it's just blind loyalty to Harley.

  10. I'd buy the Triumph over a Harley any day. In fact, I did buy a Triumph over a Harley and it was definitely the correct choice.

  11. wildweazzell says:

    If they wanted to copy HD You'd have to make a bike that rides like a skateboard and grenades the motor at 20k miles which costs the owner $5500 a pop. 

  12. Grantsimms says:

    The thing I love about my Triumph is it doesn't pretend like its a Harley. Triumph marches to their own drum beat and thats why the Harley guys accept Triumph bikes into their fold.

  13. MsOnslow says:

    You didnt mention the Rocket 3 Touring.  Excuse me but that would outdo any amercian cruisers!

  14. I agree chaps, Triumph is a good stable though, and I would be happy to ride one over a HD BUT if it don't make that engine noise that a cruiser should be making then I might re-consider… Is this not then perhaps an understated cruiser?

  15. Well Guys i've had mine for nearly a year now and I'm more than happy with it, its downside is the somewhat lack of attitude on noise, up against some other makes of bike (you know what I mean) although someone said it doesn't have to be loud to get noticed… true words indeed.   The comfort is real good!!!  I will be riding mine pretty soon again, Looking forward to it.  Happy biking.

  16. fuck that, i'll go japanese, harleys are a piece of shit

  17. Beast Rider says:

    Triumph makes great bikes. But no matter what, HD branding has the monopoly on the big cruisers locked firmly. It's a shame. Most people just aren't bright enough to research deeply before they buy. I would be very interested in the TBird as an option. But I'm madly in love with my +Indian Motorcycle. I would like to see triumph expand on this idea by adding something unique to the Big Bad British Bike Builder. It's a beautiful. Looking machine. Let's put some grit in it. 

  18. Wolf's World says:

    even though it's technically just as good (maybe better) than the harley market, it will still have one hell of a time going up against the HD moco. We're force fed HD from birth. there's a sense of achievement in acquiring one. They're not the most high tech or up to date bikes, but they have soul the comes straight from their owner('s wallet). I doubt there will ever be a company that will overthrow the HD dynasty. Even if their bikes are better, more comfortable, cheaper, and better looking, there's no tradition behind them (for us americans) so they'll never be viewed in the same light. Having said that, there are many american cruiser riders that wouldn't touch a harley, so I'm sure triumph will sell quite a few. 

  19. I would choose that bike over a Harley.

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