2015 Triumph Daytona 675 – White Punks On Dope

2015 Triumph Daytona 675….the best middle weight sports bike. Good things come in 3’s….like a triple!


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  1. The whistle of the bike sounds like a police siren lol that would scare me from time to time

  2. I want to ride this as a first bike. Some background on me. Not gonna say my age for security purposes, but Im a lot older than what it says on my profile. Im 6 foot 165 pounds. Would this bike be good for me?

  3. turbo311 says:

    The standard D675 is underrated. Everyone wants the 675R and that's the only one that has been talked about since 2012. The 2013 redesign made an already great sport bike even better. Sure get the R because what you get for the extra money is a bargain. That said the 675 engine is going away for 2017 and there are lots of leftover regular Daytonas to be scooped up at amazing prices.

  4. nevermind your wreckless everywhere

  5. bro i need to buy this bike i don;t know that you live india or not but tell me the truth how is the bike?

  6. Curious on the power difference/weight on this VS the Speed Triple? Is the speed faster? Or does this compare more to the street triple?

  7. why is the shift like stuck on?

  8. Harkubi says:

    I plan on getting a bike. Budget is $15000 CAD, I've ridden various bikes before but never actually owned one. Any suggestions? Please nothing too beginner and nothing too supersport. Basically I don't want a "pussy" bike. Ahaha.

  9. +Cal Moto Is this bike beginner friendly?

  10. Dr ayy lmao says:

    Would you say this bike is a good bike for someone thats 6'1?

  11. spenspuma says:

    absolutely hate the blue leds on the dash..looks chavvy.

  12. RednexRool says:

    Good video, but you ride like a dick.

  13. john doe says:

    i am only 5'7 and currently own a ninja 250

    is this bike similar in seat height and weight? im looking for an upgrade to something sporty but im a bit short. so other bike seat heights are a bit too high for my liking. i want some sort of comfortability

  14. Carlos Alves says:

    Nice vídeo, congratulations.

  15. Good video.
    Actually this is one of the bikes I was looking at.
    In between kawasaki 636,this bike,and the Kawasaki 650. This video is helpful 

  16. Tasha Razak says:

    somebody can explain to me what is "3… triple" I didnt get it. tq in advance!

  17. Jamil Wilcox says:

    Ducati 899 won bike of the year

  18. yok ly says:

    Just purchased one today same colour pick it up next week can't wait first brand new bike I've owned

  19. sdfg sdfg says:

    Hello, i like a lot this and i've been searching the internet a lot on which 600 cc it would best fit me and i fell in love with this bike.However i've heard that Triumph daytona had some oil liks problems,is that true? thanks for this video.

  20. Kenji Rides says:

    Squid move at the end of the video. 

  21. Yo2slick says:

    Hey man, I am looking for my first sport bike.  I have always been a Harley guy and mainly rode cruisers.  I had almost decided on a cbr600rr but then I saw this bike.  In your opinion, would this be a good bike for someone new to sport bikes?

  22. John Powley says:

    Does the Daytona have a forward lean like all other "crotch rockets".

  23. william lam says:

    so is there only red for the 2015 non R model? i was hoping to get a blue/white since most of the 2014's are gone in my area.

  24. Pierre Kleyn says:

    just wanna know how tall you are? im thinking of getting a Daytona but ive heard that for people that are tall it can be a bit of a hassle on the bike.. im 188cm so I think that's just over 6' not too sure though.

  25. wildweazzell says:

    God that triple sounds awesome! 

  26. Sunedosa says:

    I have a 2013 diablo red, love it to bits.

  27. E.S. Slc says:

    Great video. Thank you
    I'm looking at the exact same bike in black but it is a 2014. Do you know if there are any changes from 14-15 on this Daytona 675?
    Thank you 

  28. Benjay1975 says:

    why have you got the shift LED's set so low?

  29. Kenneth Kemp says:

    Perfect, since I'm not a racer… By the way, the sniffling is a nice touch – proves it's cold. Not Minnesota/Wisconsin cold, they'd be in shirtsleeves in this weather…

  30. The Crumble says:

    Looks great in red! The Triple engine is the perfect combination for me. 

  31. MrPhipper says:

    Does anyone know when the '15 1000rr's will be delivered??

    These 675's are sick. That red looks slick.

  32. BurnSomeFuel says:

    The last 5 seconds are interesting so to say -_-

  33. Lovely bike sounds great
    Nice video

    Thumbs up

  34. tronvex says:

    Currently eyeing the street triple and the Daytona as my next bike. 

  35. I need to come by Cal Moto and check some of these toys out. 

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