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2015 Best Motorcycle Helmet Buyers Guide …


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  1. QuickUnit says:

    Why don't you guys review X-lite? They make some pretty good helmets.

  2. Jason Morgan says:

    How much is the AGV AX-8 EVO?

  3. The guy talks too fast:
    annoying to watch. only because of this reason (irritating to listen/watch), I unsubscribed.

    … that said, the info is useful because:
    – accurate;
    – good choice if what is mentioned/leftout;
    – not afraid to give opinion;
    – motivates opinion;

  4. Parth Patel says:

    I need suggestions on buying good gear on a budget. I'm a new rider and can only spend so much to get started on my riding. I'm looking for jacket and a helmet and not looking to spend over 2-300 bucks.

  5. Slow down man… Like, seriously relax, take a breath!!

  6. 1000000bhp says:

    dude, the way how you're speaking is annoying. don't be so high.

  7. Anyone who wears that Shark Raw needs to have poo thrown at them as they ride.

  8. what's the best sounding exhaust for 2016 street 750


  10. i want to buy a helmet for my r6 and i was wondering if is there free shipping to México?

  11. If you have an accident in the helmet is it still good to use afterwards?

  12. surg23 says:

    Who in their right mind would buy something like that Bell, looks identical to the one I used to wear 25 years ago and it was shit back then too. Noisy as hell, shaped like an astronaut helmet and painfully dull. That helmet should not be on any line-up, period.

    This guy although good at his job, which is a telemarketer, doesn't instill any faith that these are actually good products, but rather a biased overview of products they want to flog us. No offense to RZ, but anyone looking for a real review should seek the opinions of people who don't stand to profit from the review itself.

  13. Gobby Prick says:

    When it comes to protection, don't be cheap, go big or go home!

  14. Seaanooo x says:

    still trying to figure out what he said in the first 5 seconds😂

  15. Okey Akers says:

    No Bell in your line up! The Vortex has to be one of the best buckets in the under $200 group.

  16. noBS says:

    Anthony, this misleading video also needs to be deleted. Why (as an expert) are you not concerned about or promoting brain protection? That subject is what you talk about the least. Why did you not list each helmets impact test results? Does this mean RevZilla is not concerned about their consumers's well being? See Brain protection below.

    For starters, testing standards are prehistoric.There needs to be more testing on angular acceleration mitigation. (Dynamic Research) Reality with DOT: There is NO quality control and NO enforcement on the DOT standard (FMVSS 218) prior to helmets reaching the marketplace. ONLY the manufacturer states they are compliant. If there are non compliance issues, they are found AFTER consumers have purchased helmets. The compliance process is prolonged, ineffective and helmets are actually not removed from shelves in time. Not good. DOT means nothing and we can not rely on it.

    You mention your "staple" helmet collection. The definition on premium, innovative, staple, best, etc. is obviously a widespread misconception in purchasing a helmet. Price means nothing. A $200 helmet can offer as much or more impact protection than helmets that cost $800 or more.

    Brain protection is the primary function of any helmet and should be promoted. Conventional helmets (like all the ones shown other than the Bell) do not address quality brain protection. They focus on linear impacts; rare in motorcycle collisions. As an "expert", you should have started with what type of helmets offer the brain protection riders will need in head collision: Protection against angular acceleration of the brain.

    The only part of a conventional helmet that may manage rotational energy (which is insignificant) is the comfort padding. Nothing else in these helmets have the ability address angular acceleration.

    If anyone is interested in protecting their brain, 6D Helmets is your answer. Do your research. If you only care about cool colors, what helmet was worn in the last race won, and what society says you should care about, buy something else. Look at ALL helmet advertising. How many promote brain protection? Anthony quit being afraid of what is. List test results with helmets. Give your consumers the respect they deserve to choose what they want. 12162015

  17. Umur CELİK says:

    please speak more slowly. ty for guide

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