7 Comments to “2015 Indian Chief Classic in Thunder Black at Indian Motorcycle Las Vegas – Stock #N23604”

  1. This new indian idont like, because its a japanese bike..

  2. Anonymous says:

    I pick mine up (almost exact same bike) on July 2nd at Roger Penske's Motor City Indian dealership.  Independence Day comes two days early this year! Go Army!

  3. Qun tu smok says:

    it's not a Japanese bike …I got a dark horse I love it. ….it's a spiritual thing…..i went to Harley I just didn't get that feeling nice bikes but once I sat on the Indian. ..I was home

  4. melvin jones says:

    '49 Buick tail light, love it!!

  5. That bike is beautiful, I once thought I wanted a Honda NM4. I still do, but this, I think I'll try to get the Indian chief vintage 2016, the pearl white one, first.

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