2014 Triumph Bonneville T100 Motorcycle Review

This is a 2014 Triumph Bonneville T100 that I was considering for a 2nd bike. Bottom line, I went in not knowing a single thing about this bike other than it looked …


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  1. The Triumph Bonneville T120, would be nice for you it's got the gear indicator and a little more…

  2. ian Barnett says:

    almost as crappy as a harley

  3. Chuck M says:

    look at the speedmaster, a little more sporty, nicer seat,

  4. Mark Gailmor says:

    I've been going back and forth between this one and the Ducati Scrambler. I think the Ducati may have my heart.

  5. Lavaman3682 says:

    GREAT review, good camera work, and no stupid rock music. THANK YOU for making this.

  6. Spineworks says:

    i was just about to buy a crotch rocket, but you've just turned my world upside down. awesome review! now i've got some serious thinking to do.

  7. Steve Miller says:

    Sir: I bought a Royal Enfield 500 as a first bike. I was drawn to the simplicity and style and it ended up being a good choice for me, it has served me well for 3 years now. After watching this review I am tempted to upgrade to this bike. I like the retro, British styling, like the Enfield.. but it seems far more capable. Am I off course here? Do you think it would be a good upgrade? I am looking for more freeway/distance capability.

  8. Nina Swan says:

    DO NOT!!! EVER compare a Triumph to a hog… that is just disgraceful.. Triumphs are beautiful classy bikes.. Harley's … well they are just not!!!

  9. 69zenos1 says:

    I had a 1983 TRIUMPH TSX in the late eighties. This looks and seems to ride similar. But I agree do agree with you on the exhaust thing. It doesn't sound meaty enough to me. Is that true or just seem that way because of the position of your camera?

  10. Gagan Ahuja says:

    excellent job.. comprehensive, wholehearted review, thanks.

  11. bonita en general pero tiene detalles que la hacen algo fea a la vez como el asiento tan poco cómodo

  12. Jake Ramos says:

    Finally, picking up my T100 tomorrow Yea!

  13. 0tt0Skorzeny says:

    TWO,  what bike did you finally buy?  Was it this one?

  14. Your are a very, very good reviewer. .

  15. The new version is going to have a lot more balls. But Oh the wait!

  16. Bob Bobbson says:

    rides for 2 seconds "Yep it's flickable"

  17. bdz says:

    Great review. I cant wait to test ride one myself. I watched this reveiw in a rocking chair putting my son to sleep. Dad life hahaha.

  18. djiatro says:

    Nice review! Ive narrowed down on to bonnie! can u suggest me any specific add ons/must have accessories plz?

  19. LWTheFish says:

    I had the America and the Speed Master I took both over the Tail of the Dragon two up with out trouble and turned around did the Trail of tears and ended up in Gulf Shores Alabama all in the same ride. With out a break down. I put over 60,000 on both bikes before I sold them and there was no engine problems with ether one. And I still have my 98 Thunder Bird.

  20. John Mård says:

    Great review on a great bike! 🙂 One of the best bikes in the world. Next spring a new Bonneville with a 95 hp 1200cc engine enters the stage! Keep your eyes open!

  21. I posted a similar comment on your Royal Enfield video, do you think this would be too much bike for a beginner?

  22. I'm English and can remember way back in the 60s when I was a child being given a ride on a Triumph they were smelly and oily in those days, little wonder the Japanese market decimated the vast British motorbike production. But I'm glad Triumph is back and in the game. Thank you so much for a very enjoyable and informative video.

  23. Hi, how about Triumph America, are you going to make a test?

  24. great review bud,got my test ride booked for next week.

  25. Gary Hunter says:

    Excellent review and pretty bloody honest.
    We fit a lot of Ikon suspension to resolve the problem with handling and have always had customers smile when they feel the difference, A descent Exhaust and Airbox removal kit will give around another 10HP and change the performance greatly as mentioned. a Great sitein Australia for Triumph Parts and great phone Support is http://www.triumphperformanceparts.com.au.
    Thanks again for a brilliant, Humorous and honest Reveiw.

  26. Gregg Camara says:

    I love mine, but I'm experiencing an oil leak from the base gasket that the dealer can't seem to rectify.  The rest of the bike is fantastic and really is a mobile conversation starter!

  27. I am also 6'2" and I really dig the sportster 883. Did you feel cramped on it?

  28. Peter Camels says:

    Nice reviews, man! Just some thoughts on the driving behaviour, as a european. Is it generally been so much frowned upon to cut in line when the cars in front of you are stopped (e.g. in red light)? At the same time I saw that overtaking from the right was not an issue at all.

  29. dela malasie says:

    so whats your decision , RE or the triumph :)

  30. Jake Ramos says:

    Great review, now I am saving to get a T100 for Christmas.

  31. pgod1960 says:

    Great review, there's a lot to this bike and hugely customisable. Check out the Bonnefication site for maximum drool factor!

  32. Toni R says:

    very good review, which sticks to the character of the bike. Question: When you compare it to a harley sportster 883/1200 – is it a little dull, or perfect?

  33. loopba says:

    Maybe try the Yamaha FZ-07 and Ducati Scrambler

  34. kelly j says:

    I really like the British style. I used to own a sportster 1100. But loved those triumphs. Just no dealers within 2.5 hours

  35. Bryan…if you wan t to giggle all the time riding a bike, go and try a yamaha fz09

  36. Tom FJR says:

    Dinosaur gas station on the left at 3:00 and 3:54 – a landmark since the early 70's !!!

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