2014 Triumph Bonneville | Bonneville T100 bike review

The Bonneville is one of the most iconic names in motorcycle history and remains as popular today as it was in its Cafe Racer beginnings. Subscribe for more …


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  1. Tyler Durden says:

    Im getting an all black t-100 but what I want to know is where can I purchase the customizable options, I want to put a brown leather seat and brown handles

  2. David C says:

    that's one beautiful bonnie

  3. Roger Takey says:

    Good review and nice video!
    I am in doubt between the T100 and the HD 883…

  4. Pratik gmail says:

    This is only channel where I can feel connection between rider & bike and what host is talking about. I am loving every bit of it. Brilliant :)

  5. maroDC5 says:

    am torn between this or a dual sport drz

  6. When are you guys going to review the T120 2016?

  7. Hey does Davida make underwear too ? I really wanna buy a Bonniville but I wanna make sure all my accessories match .

  8. Why do you people cut all the tress

  9. We love working on the Triumph Bonneville here at motad!! great stuff! +1

  10. Tony Clifton says:

    These reviews are hilarious. perfect for a poser rider, with matchy matchy riding gear as top priority over things like suspension and brakes. Whats suspension??? but at least I'm wearing a helmet that has a liner that matches my motorcycles fuel tank paint job … my priorities are in order.

  11. Keny Tejeda says:

    Nice review man, I'm sold! What's the name of the song in the background?

  12. Gagan Ahuja says:

    Mate, I love your reviews.. just splendid!

  13. I have a BMW G650GS and although I knew about Triumph, never cared to pay a visit to a dealer (also, there are only two of them in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil).

    Then came Friday, Jan 29 2016, and while attending a small motorcycle fair in town I got my eyes on an orange Bonneville T100, sat on it and boy, was I in love.

    Next day I went to the dealer and tested drive it.

    Let me put it this way: there seems to be no middle term with this moto: either you love it or hate it (or aren't in the riding motorcycles world). I loved it, from the looks to the very comfortable riding position, to the power.

    I'd also like to congratulate the folks of Auto Trade for this BEAUTIFUL video. Some might not agree, but it focuses on what matters, which are impressions, images, sights and the like. For lots of numbers and specs I can go to the manufacturer's site. On a video I want to see it and the video makes me want to stop writing this and buy a T100!

  14. Robert S says:

    I sat on a Bonnie at the dealer today. It feels heavy compared to my Street Triple, and the riding position is similar but just slightly off. I think it's because the bars are higher up on the Bonnie. I agree the position of the key switch is strange.

  15. Lucy Fir says:

    don't buy a gook made bike buy an british made one

  16. Dimas Aditya says:

    You guys make one of the most beautiful motoring review ever. Cant wait to see other bike reviews. Keep up the good work. cheers

  17. Suraj Iyer says:

    Could somebody tell me the name of the place where he is riding the bike

  18. geomaia1965 says:

    This motorcycle is fantastic. Combines classic style with power and torque.

  19. very inspiring song. troubles at every hour.

  20. British vehicles just looks sexy

  21. can you tell me which song from 1:03 to 1:18

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