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  1. gsxrkz says:

    if i wind out 3rd on my bike i will be doing over 250km, oh that right were talkingabout harleys as fast as a steet car

  2. This is my dreams' motorcycle, but it is very expensive (17.500€ with a basic colour).

  3. tomcata1467 says:

    Saying, ride what ever bike you ride, with pride………

  4. tomcata1467 says:

    Currently ride an 02, ROADSTAR 1600, (98 CID) Custom Soft Tail, with  a 48degree, air-cooled, V-Twin, engine, with stage 1 modification.  Cobra Speedster Longs exhaust,, K&N filter, Mapam forward controls, Scootworks, Phantom II risers, stock Beach Bars, Kuryakin, custom, hand  grips, ABS hard saddlebags, custom, PACIFIC COAST STAR "Potato Chip" seat, custom padded sissy bar, luggage rack, final belt Kevlar-embedded final belt drive. I lowered it 1 3/4" from stock height. Full all steel valance front/rear fenders.It was the largest cubic inch displacement production bike in the world in '02, to H-Ds, 1450CC, Twin Cam 88 of 02..  It has ceramic-composite, piston liners in the cylinders to extend piston life and dissipate engine heat better. It has 4 valves per cylinder to the H-DS, 2 valves per cylinder. It has 2 spark plugs per cylinder to H-Ds , 1 spark plug per cylinder. More torque and HP, than even larger displacement, H-Ds. Idles at 35psi, oil pressure to H-Ds, 3-8psi oil pressure. Cooler running engine, heat wise, than the H-D, TWINKIES. It incorporates an automatic exhaust valve de-compression solenoid, to slightly open the exhaust valves, prior to starting, for an easier start, less stress on the out board starter, and engine. METAL GEAR DRIVE for THE TWO CAMSHAFTS. Pushrod activated, overhead valves. It incorporates a massive one piece, 45lb, flywheel, with a long bore, long stroke engine for lots of rear wheel torque and torque is the name of the game in heavy cruisers. 5 speed tranny.

  5. tomcata1467 says:

    I was only making a reference to the multiple, design flaws on the Big Twin, Twin Cam engines. I believe that the XL 1200 Sportster is really the ONLY, modern H-D, to own, as they are still based on the EVO motor design and is a great bike, especially since they had rubber mounted engines put on circa 2004. Great bike and very reliable.Lots of power and a lot of fun to ride.

  6. Austin Kaur says:

    That's Perfect. shake control

  7. tomcata1467 says:

    What year is your mates bike and I will tell you when I have more complete information.

  8. tomcata1467 says:

    This is an incomplete review, as no mention was made about the fatally flawed design of the Twin Cam power plant, itself. All about the chrome.

    1. All Twin Cam engines produced since 1999, have a pressed together flywheel, unlike all previous, Harley engines that used a crank pin bolt and nut, torqued to hold the two flywheel halves, together in true. Twin cam flywheels are only pressed together at the factory, using a 400 ton press. Nothing holds them together, and under use, they WILL come out of true and cause the primary shafts and pinion shafts to wobble out of true, and wear out the bushings and bearings, and eventual catastrophic engine failure.

    The only solution is to tear the engine completely apart and take the flywheel assembly to a performance specialty shop to have the flywheel, dynamically trued, plugged and weld the two halves together with a run out at the end of the shafts at no more than 0.001" max run out.

    2. All Twin Cam engines, have two silent chain drives, one to drive the camshafts and the other to drive the oil pump. Both use a PLASTIC tensioner on METAL chain. Imagine a PLASTIC shoe, rubbing against METAL, at 3,000 rpm, won't take long to wear the shoe out, and they have to be periodically inspected for wear and have to be changed out at 50% wear or 3/32" of wear or risk them breaking apart and the little pieces getting sucked into the oil pump and crankcase and cylinders and causing catastrophic engine failure.

    And it is a costly, expensive procedure to change these little tensioners out, as the top half of the engine has to be torn down to do so, and one needs special HARLEY tools and support plates to press out the old junk stock INA cam shaft bearings while changing out the shoes and replacing them with the reliable Timken, tapered roller bearings. 

    There is no solution, one has to keep changing and inspecting these pads, periodically and Harley makes no mention of the interval to do so anywhere in the owner's manual or in the Service manual.

    3. All Twin cam engines run excessively hot, especially the rear cylinder and have been known to produce enough heat to catch a rider's pants leg on fire and cause 2nd and 3rd degree burns. The stock oil pump is junk and doesn't produce enough oil pressure to circulate more oil to keep engine cooler. That is why they now have rear cylinder heat shields to protect the rider's legs.

    And engine heat, kills engine life.



  9. bill45colt says:

    owned 58, never had a Harley, couldn't stand it, bought one. Now total is 59. Also v max Yamaha, and 3 trail bikes..careful out there!!

  10. Reply to
    Thomas Jefferson's comment:
    Rode both,
    Dyna low rider and street Bob,
    love the look of the low rider but handling and actual riding I honestly have to say that the Bob is better, also almost no shaking compared to the low rider who shakes a lot.

  11. brakes are worthless, at least front brake even with dual discs !

  12. 5516dk says:

    H-D brought FXDL back because like any discontinued product, people started to want them.

  13. Arborist1959 says:

    I have a 2002 dyna low rider I love it and if and when I get another bike it will be a dyna or street bob.

  14. Michael Webb says:

    H-D needs to bring back the Sport Edition.

  15. Yet another bike not built for big guys. 

  16. What do you think is the better bike deal and ride?The 2015 Dyna Low rider or the 2015  Sportster 1200 superlow T with detachable windscreen and saddlebags.I test rode the Sportster 1200 low T and it ran cool solid and tracked well and it shook and rumbled like it had soul.Or should I get a Yamaha FZ 09 which I test rode and was awesome fun but had no soul just great fun and powerful?

  17. fairly light bike for having a 103 twin bet it goes like hell

  18. 7A says:

    that's a nice looking Fartly Dee.

  19. ih8momjokes1 says:

    I hate it when they talk about transmission and engine… every harley has it so why talk about it…

  20. 05Hogsrule says:

    HD finally woke up to one of the fact, cutting out one of the best-selling models, was a very dumb move!

  21. Alex Davis says:

    So glad the Low Rider is back, so far it looks a lot better compared to an 09 Low Rider

  22. Less of a "first ride" and more like a guy reading the specs sheet.

  23. I like the duel disc brakes in the front, wish my bike had that

  24. Hock Ooi says:

    Sweet now it just needs a windshield and saddlebags

  25. MrSlowestD16 says:

    Really loving the low rider.

  26. jdpro59 says:

    Road my 79" Low rider for years.  Now it's an 07' Fatty.

  27. Okie Rider says:

    Harley Davidson=Chinese chrome, German made engines and wiring harnesses from Mexico. Lol

  28. Don Sieger says:

    I'm glad Harley brought it back!

  29. Matt Helps says:

    good vid but lose the silly blues music, it adds nothing and makes the voice hard to hear.

  30. ifamann says:

    That voice is not for narration. This is the 2nd video I stopped watching because of that annoying thing!

  31. Okie Rider says:

    Looks like another Harley. Yawn… So boring…old tech and unreliability.

  32. Andrew Peel says:

    one can but dream. ( Oh sigh but if only )

  33. shin888 says:

    They need to bring back the xr1200

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