2014 / 2015 Triumph Rocket III * All Smoke and No Mirrors

The most powerful production motorcycle in the world is big, and big fun. No Harley can touch this machine for performance of any kind. At half the price, it’s a no …


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  1. Larry House says:

    Alot more torque than you stated in the video. Try 230 foot pounds of torque.

  2. James Usher says:

    That folks is how a Bike review is done! Ring it out and ride it.

  3. ExBuickRacer says:

    To John Choi since my iPhone won't let me Reply for some reason…My R3 tachs at a solid 3000 RPM at 70mph. My 2006 R3 is fitted with the OEM off road/TOR pipes but I am still trying to locate a cat delete/bypass pipe. I've also tuned the bike (I use a laptop-based software package and the H3 freeway to do it, lol) but there is still more to be had…

  4. ExBuickRacer says:

    Great video! Here on Oahu there are maybe 5-6 R3's so I get tons of "What the heck is that?" questions and comments. We have one Triumph dealership on this island (they sell Kawis and Harleys too) and they don't even keep a Rocket on their showroom floor (Salesman: "Well, it is kind of an acquired taste bike…")
    Also, thank you for the timely delivery on parts I've ordered from you! 😎
    Morgan in Kailua

  5. I read that the Triumph Rocket 3 Roadster is 2,500 or 98.3 inches long which is huge. Is this true?

  6. Not as good sounding as a suzuki M1800r Intruder

  7. tyler bonser says:

    I love the guys reaction when he hears what size motor it is. Ive had many people give me that same reaction.

  8. John Choi says:

    I bought a Thunderbird but wish I had decided to pay a little more and get the Rocket. On the Highway and at top gear (6th for the Thunderbird), I can comfortably cruise along at 55 mph. By comfortably I mean at like 2,500 rpm. Any more and the cruiser feels like it's straining. It's just really loud and annoying. But at 2,500, it's just thumping along in a nice rhythm. You can feel the thumping and it's almost relaxing. I feel like I can just ride all day. Any higher in revs and the bike feels like it's vibrating out of control. 3,000 isn't too bad maybe even 4,000 but it's noticeably unsweet as at 2,500 or lower in rpm. And the worst part of all this? At 55mph all the cars are passing me. I try to get on the diamond lane and some guy passes me giving me the finger. This is where I'm hoping the Rocket can remedy. Does it hold steady at 70 mph in top gear at 2,500 rpm or less?

  9. I have just bought one with a sidecar. This bike is an absolute monster. Not much in mpgs, but then again, you do not buy this type of bike to save on fuel.

  10. 1990 says:

    It looks a whole lot better than any Harley, too. Spirited riding.


  12. sassporillo says:

    love the bike. nicely done video. subscribed.

  13. Awesome! keep up making good videos ;)

  14. JOE RIDER says:

    no wonder they call it Rocket

  15. Hey how's it gomng? Worthy Of An Oscav. number airplane What's your opinion about this !!

  16. Cal Moto great video, what is your absolute all time favorite cruiser, only pick one please.

  17. Cory Slater says:

    oh boy…i got the dousche effect as soon i seen the gloves come out…

  18. English Heavy Metal very nice faster to  60 mph than a Suzuki hyabusa

  19. Clee Hammer says:

    I keep coming back to this video… Best ride and review I have seen… Has me looking for my next bike… And it will be an r3r!

  20. The biggest engine in a production motorcycle in the world, not the most powerful…

  21. Donavan says:

    That thing is BEAST MODE!!!

  22. Robert S says:

    More horsepower than my car and nearly as much torque. Must be a fun ride.

  23. Joe Mamma says:

    Only 150 horsepower?! A damn hp4 liter bike makes 190. What's up with that?

  24. so this is like the power house of cruisers

  25. Roland Gott says:

    Sat on friends 2006 model with sports pipes today fell in love and scared shitless at the same time!!

  26. legend says:

    Hay Cal I am subscribed for some time and I must say brother that I have watched this video several times but I somehow go back to watch again and again because I own a 2005 R3 and bought it with 2700 miles. looks like it came off the showroom floor just need to get her registered soon. "Be Safe"

  27. I really like your video , and I also own one roaster R3
    The greatest bike ever 

  28. joe bloggz says:

    i just sold my 2014 rocket, they are fast compared to a Harley yes and have infinitely better handling and brakes but they are not easy to ride at sustained high speed due to the naked cruiser riding position where your body catches the wind. They are a nice looking bike but overall the riding experience wasn't that good, the rear shocks are crap and will send shock waves up your spine on any decent bump, couple this with having your head ripped off and arms stretched every time you go fast…just my opinion. So far as the power and torque goes, they might have truck-like torque but they also are as heavy as a truck and the horsepower isn't high by modern standards

  29. hi guys
    I just bought one if this beast and it's really one if if the best

  30. Deal with it says:

    Hey dude! Thank you for this video. Your video made me consider buying this bike, which i actually did. This is one of the best bikes ever produced.

  31. I got the Touring model and use it everyday, had it over a year now and it still makes me smile,It must be love !! Cannot praise these beasts high enough, amazing ride

  32. Actually it's not all that fast as compared to many sports bikes. Has a lot of torque I'm sure.

  33. john harris says:

    Nice big, heavy, huge , gas-guzzleing naked bike, great rider, bike sounds great but it's not faster than my Cbr1100xx or as comfy. Naked bikes get old quick once you get up to 75-80 mph sorry but it's true.

  34. Ned Miller says:

    Thank you for sharing this video showing this beautiful bike… Now to find a few bucks for one!

  35. Bob Miller says:

    So, you're one of those a-holes that drives between car lanes?  Learn to ride!

  36. barbwirepupp says:

    All you weenies afraid of it falling over, install a sissy bar. It will pick right up. 

  37. The engine looks like an Antique Washing Machine……Next >>>>>>>>>>

  38. Scot Wilson says:

    How is this the most powerful production bike? It's got the most torque? But at 140 odd bhp it's far from the most powerful….. I'm not saying it's NOT powerful mind :P

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