2013 Daytona Triumph Rearsets / TCX RS-2 EVO boot / Knox Handroid glove

Triumph-made fully adjustable rearsets for 2013 onwards Daytona and Street Triple. TCX RS-2 EVO racing boots. Knox Handroid racing gloves.


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7 Comments to “2013 Daytona Triumph Rearsets / TCX RS-2 EVO boot / Knox Handroid glove”

  1. All I see is red!!!!!!
    Was temped by those gloves last year, how are they wearing in? Is it a faff getting the motorbike jacket sleeves in the cuffs?

  2. Tons of great kit there, but I think I'll keep to my Derry Boots for now… ;-)

  3. Becky York says:

    Good choice in boots and gloves. I need some more gear for this coming season; so I'm going to keep my eyes open for some kawasaki green leathers.

  4. Glad to hear your not dead lol, I enjoy your videos so that would be bad haha.

  5. Ur my fav sub jst wish ud upload mre but i understand as a motovlogger/ rider take alot of content to make jst 1 vid but iv got to say when u do im hooked everytime i love your bike hope 1day id have a daytona keep doing what ur doin ride safe m8. 

  6. Luke Morry says:

    I'm considering subscribing because every time I see your Daytona, I need to take a very cold shower 😉 lol I love my TCX's but the WP liner doesn't breath as well as I'd like but I've got very clammy feet……I'm over shearing now lol Can't wait for you to get a new camera`to get more videos from you 🙂 If you'r looking good prices for cameras, you might wanna check out CEX the dead with 2nd hand tech but offer 1 years warranty which is good 🙂 Just thought I'd shear that with you :D

  7. Sunedosa says:

    Good looking stuff.   Had similar issues with my stockers, i have gia-moto rearsets on since august 2013 and they were also money well spent. Shifting is much smoother and takes less effort.

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