2012 Triumph Street Triple R Coolant Flush with Honda Type 2 coolant

2012 Triumph Street Triple R Coolant Flush with Honda Type 2 coolant.


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15 Comments to “2012 Triumph Street Triple R Coolant Flush with Honda Type 2 coolant”

  1. grey foam might be aluminium oxide from the coolant being corrosive? Thanks for the video, will do the same to my bike when i find a spot i can do it at. Might be a night action in the garage.

  2. hearliam says:

    awesome matey, I was wondering how to service this bad boy, looks like a bit of work but might save me a penny or two, especially when the shop charges $100/hour just for labour.

  3. Great video!  Can you please do a video on flushing the brake fluid?   Thank you!!  :)

  4. Grokknar says:

    Ok thanks. It was on super tight. I guess I need one of those dentists tools. 🙂

  5. Tronix102 says:

    If you wanna make sure its all out then yes.

  6. Grokknar says:

    Is the removal of the clamp and pipe really necessary. I had a large volume of liquid come out of the bottom screw and was even able to (once flushed) pour water into the overflow tank and have it almost immediately start coming out the bottom screw.

  7. gonfern1987 says:

    There is air in your system. Mine was doing the same. after riding it for a while when i would stop, it would bubble over and come out of the overflow even if the level in the bottle was below min. Flush your system (take advantage of this to replace those crappy clamps) and make sure to bleed it properly.

  8. Tronix102 says:

    Nope, no leaks yet. I would think I would have some by now but nothing. The next time I have to change it I will definitely replace it.

  9. cbone45 says:

    Any issues with reusing the copper washer?

  10. john mccrory says:

    yea my st3 has been leaking, took it to a non triumph machanic and he told me either water pump or head gasket blowen, but then rang triumph they said tha they never ever heard of a st3 blowing a head gasket, so going to do a coolant flush and fill bottle to min, and see how that goes

  11. Tronix102 says:

    ah strange, my book tells me the opposite, needless to say, if it needs to ex-spell some coolant, that's what the hoses are for 🙂

  12. john mccrory says:

    i was told by triumph to only fill the expantion bottle to the min line not the max or else it will piss out coolant from the overflow

  13. last weekend was beautiful, went riding all over newtown and down 34.

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