2012 Triumph Bonneville Oil & Air Filter Change

An email request from one viewer asking to show how to change the oil and air filter on my motorcycle. Please do not post on what type of oil and filter are best …


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  1. jeff bercume says:

    Awesome well done video. Thank you!

  2. Barclay Neel says:

    Can you provide the details (brand, link?) for the torque wrench you are using? Having a tough time locating one with nm in California. Thanks

  3. what is the socket wrench size needed?

  4. Rotella T6 has a JASO cert for your wet clutch (excellent oil). Mobil 1, look for (energy conserving) on the round cert. Avoid those. They have moly lube which will ruin your wet clutch. This goes for any synthetic. Some Mobil 1 dont have this on the stamp. That's what you want in a shared wet clutch system.

  5. batiswimmer says:

    this is one of the best video I've watched. Thanks and congratulations for your very careful way of working.

  6. mamabear2014 says:

    What an incredibly helpful and well-made video. Thanks from a new rider/new Bonnie owner!

  7. now i can help my dad change the oil

  8. Thank you for the nice Video to change the air cleaner. Best wishes from Germany!!!

  9. MrJohnnyt69 says:

    Paul,  As usual  great video  and so detailed.  Any chance of you doing a video of valve clearance check.  I'm at 14,000, yes I know overdue but haven't had the funds to pay a dealer yet. Would you consider doing this yourself?  Thanks for the videos.  Cheers from Texas.

  10. Alfredo G. says:

    I would like to know if I could refill in a 2006 Bonneville in black model with 5w – 30 oil, thanks !

  11. Howard I. No says:

    This is a fantastic video. Thank you!

  12. John Alves says:

    Paul, is it safe to fill the engine with oil all the way to the top of the fill hole for winter storage?? and bringing the level down to the appropriate level before riding. does that help with keeping moisture away during storage or do you think i shouldn't worry about it? Thanks!

  13. Dude you take care so much of your bike. Next step is your health. You need to work out.

  14. jvila100 says:

    Wow thanks for getting back so fast . I really appreciate it

  15. jvila100 says:

    What's the model number on the k & oil filter

  16. How to ensure the bolt is tighten to 25NM?

  17. Tom Barker says:

    Hi Paul, I have a 2014 Triumph Scrambler, that is 6 months old.  I use it for my 5mile commute across London and occasional trips into country.  It all looks very similar, but I am not hugely confident with maintenance.   How often should I be changing the oil?

  18. Matt Ratliff says:

    I needed this, so thank you for sharing!  Thorough and to the point.  Took my '14 T100 to the shop to have the oil changed recently, which was more costly than expected and now my engine is leaking oil.  I believe it's because of the crush washer that wasn't replaced.

  19. Just and FYI…if you have the optional rock guard…it has to be removed first.

    Thanks for the time and effort to share Paul :-)

  20. eric's page says:

    Hi Paul:
    great video's
    what if you had the air box removal kit from british customs, how do you change the air filters? how often

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