2011 Triumph Speed Triple Drift Bike build – EMPIRE FREESTYLE

The bikes from Motorcycle VS Car Drift Battle 2. Edited on the way to Canada here’s footage from a week of madness prior to shooting Drift 2. The twin 2012 Drift …


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22 Comments to “2011 Triumph Speed Triple Drift Bike build – EMPIRE FREESTYLE”

  1. Kastaru says:

    I-Monster, Daydream in Blue

  2. Pete1987pl says:

    damn much respect to these guys..true pros..

  3. You guys build your own bikes?? R.E.S.P.E.C.T!

  4. DS1048 says:

    Hard to find, no one wants to paint bikes around here cause of the angles :/

  5. tyler gerry says:

    lmao its obviously a bike painting shop bud


    how much could cost a bike like that..??

  7. You changed exhaust systems to Leovince and i assume you also changed or re-programmed ECU:s but did you do anything else on the engine? I'm intrested because i'm starting a drift bike project myself and have not yet desided on what type of bike it should be. (mostly meaning weight to power ratio) Thanks! and sorry for my bad english.

  8. DS1048 says:

    Badass shop willing to paint a bike

  9. Thomas PAUL says:

    Pour quand la nouvelle vidéo??
    for when a new video??

    Thomas France!

  10. dammit. i hate all these teasers! wanna see drift 2 already!

  11. Nick the bike looks awesome, one each for you and Ernie?
    Hope all is going good for you guys-

  12. MrSleeps says:

    dig it for sure, just bought a 93 cbr 600 to turn into stunt bike myself i can't get enough of motorcycles.

  13. Severd13 says:

    those bikes look bad ass, cant wait to see the drift 2 video 🙂 gonna be killer

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