2011 Corsa Motoclassica AHRMA Vintage Motorcycle Race At Willow Springs California

The 2011 Corsa Motoclassica AHRMA Vintage Motorcycle Race at Willow Springs raceway was a lot of fun. The crowd was bigger than I’ve ever seen it, and …


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  1. byefilm says:

    Fantastic video! Happy Christmas to all Ninja fans. Winter warmup for my bike:


  2. Bob Marley says:

    very enjoyable video thank you

  3. Phantom says:

    So many types of bikes. how come i don't see the Yamaha Virago XV535 ?

  4. killer72084 says:

    Sound like little airplanes hah

  5. Jeff Parsons says:

    I lived two miles east of the track for 22 yrs. It was my home away from home every weekend. Flattrack, road, just about everything I've raced there. Great place for a weekend.

  6. Awesome upload sir. With four kids, 30 plus min vid had my full attention, nice retreat. Those vintage racers looked sweet, cant wait to get my cb360 on the road.

  7. mikematij2 says:

    this video needs more wind

  8. mobways says:

    Hello, wanted to see if you had any more racing footage from the race that was going on at about 33:57 min into your video? Thanks, I was in it #606. I was in last place so it was boring to watch me compared to the rest. Cheers Ricky

  9. 2stroke1971 says:

    Been racing AHRMA MX for about 10 years now, always wondered what the road racing was like. GREAT video! Thanks for posting!

  10. Fabian Delao says:

    great vid! really loved looking at all the vintage gold in the paddock! i would absolutly LOVE to get my 1965 cb77 superhawk out there. actually just took her for a ride this morning!! 

  11. What a great video! I would not have been able to resist the 350. My 1973 CL350 was one I saw at a bike show/swap meet. I ended up buying it a little later on, plus we got my husband a 1976 CB550. When we move to Texas, we can go to events out west. Looking forward to it!

  12. cj33ward says:

    I'd have bought something too 🙂 Now I'm pissed I did'nt pickup a TT500 last month. I'd love to do this vintage racing. What camera ya using here?

  13. Gordon Moore says:

    @hoohoohoblin Thanks for the info.

  14. Gordon Moore says:

    Good job! Last time I was at Willow was about 30 years ago. Sure has improved. Never seen it that green, usually it was "one-match brown" like the rest of the state in dry years. Loved the Vincent Comet/Grey Flash and the rustproof Rumi! Hard to get my head around some of the bikes I worked on when they were new being called 'vintage'. I guess I'm an old crock too. The big question is how were you able to upload a 37min video?

  15. @hoohoohoblin Hey thx man , thats cool of you !
    I didn't even think about a website for wera I'll have to check it out

    P.S. checked out you're channel real nice , keep up the good vids

  16. @hoohoohoblin got my first ever motorcycle from there, i wont be able to make i this year though :(

  17. thx for sharing , I have not been there in many years allot has changed
    but I see the old man hasn't changed other than updating his house
    all his money goes to track improvements.

    anybody know if they still run the 24 hr WERA races ?
    "Western Eastern Regional Association"

  18. TheBikerZito says:

    Some sweet rides man, what a treat !!

  19. have you heard of the show in hanford?

  20. cj33ward says:

    "if I had brought my van" :)

  21. WildBill says:

    what a great collection of bikes. It was fun to watch them rip up the track. Thanks for sharing

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