2010 Triumph Thunderbird Review – The alternative mainstream cruiser

With its new Thunderbird, Triumph enters the competitive cruiser segment with a parallel-Twin powerplant unique in this category. Its MSRP fits nicely between the Kawasaki Vulcan 1700 and the Harley-Davidson Super Glide Custom.

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Harley-Davidson is the Coca-Cola in the world of cruisers, boasting a dominating world-famous brand identity. That leaves the other V-Twin cruiser makers — Victory, Kawi, Star, et al — as Pepsi-like alternative rivals.


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24 Comments to “2010 Triumph Thunderbird Review – The alternative mainstream cruiser”

  1. @MrChutzpah2002

    Then your comment is irrelevant.

  2. Chote Babu says:

    @MrStuartMiddleton You are irrelevant …

  3. Daniel Lux says:

    How is a 1600 cc motorcycle considered a mid-size cruiser????

  4. gst69man says:

    @sleazyweaz harley are better

  5. ninesticks says:

    vic XC here….had a triumph way back when….this looks like a fine ride.

  6. Dose anyone think the change from a Yamana xv 535 to Triumph Thunderbird can be hard considering the weight difference and that I am not a tall person. I do feel very comfortable on the Virago, I am 1.66m tall and have 64kg. Thank you.

  7. John Canger says:

    @bohemond4 and the Who, the Beatles, and the Stones.

  8. RAVINFORONE says:

    Why would the down grade the bike with a 270 degree firing order and keep the vibration. Only to compete with another vibrating bike. We got to get pass this old school thinking. They could of been so far ahead. Vibration is only fun for a short trip, but after a while it is a pain in the butt, literally.

  9. gambietti says:

    @katoun9 I converted from a 359lb Honda nighthawk to a 650lb star warrior. It is not hard IMO to get used to any bike. Take an hour in a parking lot and you will be fine and do not be intimidated by engine size either, mine was a 1000 cc bump. Good luck

  10. Since when is a 1,6 mid-sized? Anyway I have a video coming about my loaner bike yesterday at Second Wind BMW Triumph, it was a T'Bird. OMFG I think I am in love with this machine. I have a Sprint 955i and in reality you don't need that much speed. The torque and flingable nature of this bike took me for a complete loop. And the sound, just completely beautiful. 

  11. my02warrior says:

    I am fortunate enough to own a 2010 T-Bird, identicle to the blue/white test bike. I have the cruising seat, removable backrest, and windshield. My last bikes were a Victory Vegas, Harley Dyna, and a Roadstar Warrior. This T-bird is the best. It is comfortable, powerful, smooth at freeway speed, and very agile for a heavy bike. My only forthcoming change will be to get a bit of volume out of the pipes. Still like my past bikes, but the T-Bird rocks!! 

  12. hydrofobik1 says:

    Cool bike, but no one likes vibration. I'll stick with my Valkyrie.

  13. kpb96m1 says:

    I own the 2012 Thunderbird Storm and it is very smooth, even at 120mph highway speeds. The T-Bird series is the best cruiser made in the world. I cant stop for gas without HD riders telling me they wish they had my bike. Its rock solid and bullet proof. The most reliable bike I have ever owned. Its more agile then a ‘hit-to-kill’ PAC-3 Missile. 

  14. I like the bike, but do they make them with the dials in the proper place? They should be up on top of the handlebars.

  15. Take the catalytic converter out and install bypass pipes (check EBay). If you do nothing more than that, you will notice a huge difference in sound and even performance straight away 

  16. my02warrior says:

    Hey Warren, thanks for the suggestion. I just went downstairs took a look at the c.c., looks like that is my next mod. Just to be on the cautious side I phoned the local Triumph dealer, even though they cant recommend removing the c.c., he did say, at the same time install a K&N, then bring it in for remapping. Its a no brainer! I saw some bypass tubes on Ebay, I think I will make my own, I didn't like the abrupt change of gases where it was welded. I have a tube bender that will work fine THX!

  17. my02warrior says:

    That is my only real bitch about the bike. I started riding in the early 70s, and all gauges were handlebar mounted, and you could read them. Having them on the tank, I just don't bother looking at them, because the numbers are so small, I would have to take my eyes off the road for too long. I even considered going to the Rocket III, that has the handlebar mounted gauges. If there was a conversion I would do it in a heartbeat!! 

  18. I totally agree. I would mount the gauges on the bars and have a single chrome headlamp you cannot beat that set up.

    If the Trump came like that, I would buy one in a heartbeat!! I have a Hammer S and a BMW 1200 CL. Both have a great layout in my view.

  19. my02warrior says:

    I sold my Victory Vegas to get the Thunderbird. Only thing better on the Victory was the gauges,….oh and the saddle bags. I don't understand the logic. I have yet to speak to anyone that likes the tank mounted gauges!!!

  20. BFD15i says:

    Pretty simple: There are the ~900ccm-cruisers (America, Speedmaster) and the 2.300ccm-cruiser (Rocket). And then there is the T-Bird with it's 1.600ccm.
    So it's Triumph's midsize-cruiser.

  21. Peter Muller says:

    Recently picked up a 2011 thunderbird storm after riding the HD and Victory, and it is brilliant. 

  22. That kev.looks a lot like a muppet guy lol

  23. Marco Polo says:

    Yap but it's not a v twins with that great sound

  24. Marco Polo says:

    Comment from a sport biker has no valu to me. I respect sport biker but I prefer comment from experient cruiser rider wich know more. Same thing the other way around.

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