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We review the 2010 H-D Sportster 883L, Shadow Phantom, Vulcan 900 Custom and V-Star 950 in this entry-level cruiser motorcycle comparison review. Read the full comparison: http://www.motorcycle-usa.com/10/6061/Motorcycle-Article/2010-Middleweight-Cruiser-Shootout.aspx

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22 Comments to “2010 Entry-Level Cruiser Comparison Review – MotoUSA”

  1. I cant live up to the 'Harley' name. I dont see myself as HAVING to wear a Harley shirt or vest everytime i ride. OR, using hand signals when i have turn signals. The entire Harley thing is so overrated. Harleys are for all the overweight fat fucks that cant ride other bikes. I get the tradition. Look at ANY Harley rider….Most are over weight fat asses that dont fit on anything else. All the while…maintaining their 'Im a big hardass persona', what a joke!!!!! I'd give the Yamaha the nod on this comparison. LMAO!!!!!!!**

  2. Scott9084 says:

    I clicked on this video hoping that my outdated Suzuki C50 would be compared here. It was recently featured in a 6 way comparison in a magazine. It came in 2nd to last with 42 horsepower at the rear wheel. I would just like to add that mine is a 2005 with 51,000 miles and the only problem it ever had was a blown fuse 5 years ago. They have been almost unchanged for ten years and they still fit with that cruiser look. Just thought I would mention.

  3. zac says:

    The problem with most metrics is longevity. Look at a 20 year old Harley Sportster, usually looks the day it was new. Look at a metric cruiser from 20 years ago, all the plasti-chrome has peeled, the thin paint fades and the mirrors/bars gets lots of pitting from rust.

    I tried sanding the paint off a Harley fuel tank and it took 5 minutes with a power sander to make it through the clear coat, theres a reason they cost more.

  4. I'm 6'3" and my very first bike was a Vulcan 900 LT. It was absolutely perfect for me. Easy to handle and learn on with plenty of power and comfort for touring.

  5. dennisndodie says:

    My entry level bike was a briggs stratton 5 hp.Then a Honda 50 then a Honda trail 70 back in the early seventies.

  6. mark perez says:

    I'm 17 and looking to get a new bike. Would a iron 883 be a good starter bike ?

  7. A C. says:

    Great review. I finally get to c all the cruisers in comparison. Which one is ur fav? Can u do a new review for 2016?

  8. thespeez says:

    Why wasn't the Suzuki Boulevard C50 featured?

  9. for entry level i was expecting like 3000, 4000 dollars or less not 8000, 9000 dollars. lol

  10. A daft punk says:

    You say the Star had the best top end, but it has lower hp. Hmm… And an "unsightly radiator"? Actually, the 900 has one of the least ugly radiators on any water cooled bike.

  11. LS650 says:

    When I started riding 25 years ago, a 250cc was entry-level. These days I have a V-star 650, and it's plenty enough bike for most riders. How are 900cc bikes entry-level, even if a cruiser??

  12. My first street bike was a 750 magna 94 model. Has 90 hp. Still have it and love the bike.

  13. Shadow Pantom 😂 that's embarrassing

  14. Anthony Cook says:

    POCKETBOOK? The fuck is wrong with you?

  15. Tristan Gump says:

    Are you going to make another one of these anytime soon? Great video by the way!

  16. where is the Yamaha bolt? ?

  17. ameer alhelo says:

    Can anyone speak cleaner than this guy?

  18. Noni Noni says:

    are they entry level motorcycle as well ?

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