7 Comments to “20 minute Barrel strip BSA B44 441 pt2”

  1. They have a large clip inside a groove at the top part of the fork leg to separate the stantion.

  2. 441rider says:

    What year are the forks? there is a nut inside at bottom on later you can weld a socket on a long T bar to loosen.

  3. snuffelsuf says:

    hey this is off the subject but you seem knowlagable so..:hey i have MY bsa project(65 chopper)….i have a frozen fork,,,,,the tube wont BUDGE …. it seems to need a special tool to go down into where the tube goes ….to seperate the fork tube from the bottom part ….do you know any tricks or improvised tools for the job? (my fork has nothing at the bottom except the drain plug and where the axl goes (backward threads)…well thanks in advance

  4. 441rider says:

    It's back together and I remembered your caution man, thanks I think the PP nuts had been loosened but I'll dbl check head now.
    No leaks on new assembly yet. :o)

  5. 441rider says:

    Everyone has their ideas, 18 years never warped a head but this one is junk anyways so I had no concern on the strip. I have flowed, ported and run it at 4000-5500 every ride so no plodding LOL! Most peopple have no idea they are meant to rev not go put put which is cute but hard on these engines. They need stretching out, 100 000 on the head, 35 000 or so since last off premium unleaded only.

  6. Peter Rossa says:

    Dude, it looks like you loosened the 4 main head nuts before you even started to undo the 2 small nuts by the pushrod tube.
    You can warp your head doing that, you should undo them first, and then only a small amount as you then undo the other 4 a small amount then back to the first 2 another small amount. If something needs torquing up, it needs torquing down the opposite way when you disasemble.
    How did your chamber stay so carbon free?, do you have clean burn fuel or something over there?

  7. 441rider says:

    This is after 25- 30 000 miles I'd say 2 years commuting 5/7 days a week. Not bad have decided to bore up to 60 over looking for piston and rings now. I was happy to see the head still sealed well after the revving it went through. All the riding vids here are on this head while on.

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