1975 Triumph Bonneville rebuild

For the last three months I’ve spent all my spare time getting my 1975 Triumph Bonneville back on the road. Watch the video to see a step-by-step engine rebuild …


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  1. Marty Fowler says:

    If he took the plugs out and put some fuel in the cylinder would that have not sped up the process?

  2. MrA 2309 says:

    its a proper butch business using a kick start….you can however, feel a prat if it doesn't fire up after the 4th kick or so.

  3. bluddy rowdy says:

    NOT an engine rebuild, merely a 'top end' rework – basic carp….

  4. Eddie Clark says:

    Loved it that you showed the real attempts to kick start the best bike ever….I was as happy as you when it kicked over! Great vid…

  5. Like being constipated, sitting on the bog for eons then Suddenly! Shhhhhhhhh OooOoomph AAAAAAhhhhhhhh Fuck that was NICE…… Relief EH!

  6. thuy holland says:

    I am Norm,I hate to boast, however, through the 45 years of being a pro/ mechanic, thus, worked on 100s upon 100s of all kinds machines, know that, before dismantlling a machine one must first de-greaseand, water pressure blast and blow-dry with compressed air, the whole thing. Doing this will keep you hands, tools and the whole prosses cleaner and you can see what the hell you are doing. thanks. Nice video!

  7. Kirk Conway says:

    why do people say the bonny engine vibrate's?
    shopping for a good vintage bonnie, Nortons are ok but Like triumphs better,

  8. turbo311 says:

    Like smashing on someone's chest who's heart has stopped. I want to build one some day.

  9. Antony Holt says:

    Hey Mark. You certainly worked off those Hob-nobs! Love the Bonnie!

  10. that was cool. love electric start, but kinda miss the old kick start………NOT!

  11. Gidenkidenk says:

    i wish my dirt bike started with just 57 kicks…

  12. glewis101 says:

    My dad had one of these 'til he died in 1979 – unfortunately my mum sold the bike as she had no use for it 🙁
    If anyone has a 70's Triumph Bonneville 750 (was like a metallic burgundy/ cream colour – I think!!) check ya V5, if it has Alan Lewis on it then it was me dads…be nice to know that its still chugging away!

  13. Drew Gormley says:

    exactly like mine on a cold day… absolute misery! But worth it

  14. PeterDad60 says:

    First you must hold the clutch lever in and then stroke the kickstarter. This "free's" the clutch. This does not count as a kick, because you are pushing down on kickstarter to free the clutch and not trying to start the machine. Also this get's the pistons to T.D.C.
    On the real first kick my 1976 Triumph T140V 750 Bonneville alway's start's. She's 20 ft from me as I type. Thanks for the video I will rebuild the top end of my Bonne soon. I purchased the parts 25 years ago for when I need them.

  15. Beverbajs says:

    kick start always nice 😉

  16. @lifesAnOcean -thanks for the warning..hahaha..i have not ridden my 77 bonnie in 16 years..the time has come to see what it will take to ride it…it always started on the second kick…now? we shall see

  17. 🙂 looked like fun .
    nice rebuild . Hey! how come you only got two dislikes and i got 21 LOL .
    probably my accent? . anyways thanks for sharing , nice bike . i hope your still riding it And you are right the barrels are tricky to get on over the rings .

  18. ThePhil321 says:

    not bein funny but could you not have found a more productive hobby?
    In my midlife crises im gunna take up golf

  19. James Jason says:

    Amazing! Bet your leg was tired. Very nice video.

  20. Golden rule with british bikes… if it doesn't start 2nd kick then something ain't right 🙂

    in this case i'd point the finger at the coils,

  21. Ryan C says:

    @nickolaspaulmusic Bonnevilles are nice but they can be very time consuming maintainace wise as something allways needs tightning or checking , If you can afford on get the last model 850 Norton Commando

  22. Absolutely fantastic! Thanks so musch for posting this. I'm kinda in the market for buying a motorcycle and I really think the Triumph Bonneville is the right choice.

  23. Ryan C says:

    @MrFelim I bet during his rebuild he forgot the crank mounted sluge trap when I did mine i had too use a hand drill too get the build up out lol

  24. Ryan C says:

    @dolesponger I totally agree with you, mine first or second kick even after a rebuild. Just flood those carbs, I used two correct sized jubille clips loosely holding the rings in and loose enough too slide out the way when the barrel slid downthen just undo them Bloody easy ;o)

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