5 Comments to “1971 bsa b50T”

  1. patstenzel says:

    +jf99151 The first time I tried to start my B50 after rebuild it felt like someone hit the bottom of my foot with a 4# sledge hammer. I limped around for a week

  2. anriascustom says:

    it's staying in the collection, current projects that it sits with are a 42 bsa wm20 a 72 rickman commando and a 68 triumph t120 I'm building for a buddy

  3. anriascustom says:

    with the work done on the bike, carb, head porting, exhaust, electronic ignition it wasn't just the usual find tdc and kick hard. took a little bit to figure it out but 1 kick with the choke on ignition off then choke off ignition on tdc and kick and it starts first kick every time.

  4. jf99151 says:

    the B50 has a sweet spot just over the compression stroke to have enough momentum to kick through without kick back, its where you start the kick stroke. If you've ever been kicked back by a B50 you'll understand.

  5. SHERIFFWoody says:

    nice bike 🙂 hope you plane on keeping it for a good long time

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