1969 triumph bonneville

a clip of me kickstarting my bonneville after she laid in pieces for almost three months. the restoration was a full time job project. coming home from work at …


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  1. ratherrandy says:

    Thank You for sharing…..I remember!

  2. Timothy Lee says:

    alovely bike the bonny but better with the single carb head 8 out of 10 triumphs to u.s.a. and abrourd

  3. What?….What?…..What? lol
    luv the bike bro…carbs need to be synked.

  4. Imma Pain says:

    A horn. That's cool. No airbags though.

  5. StereoTorio says:


  6. Got Mikuni's on my'78 Bonnie!

  7. mr gruff says:

    carbs way out of tune,air screws need setting nice job thogh

  8. andrewuk184 says:

    Thanks for keeping Britain's motorcycle tradition alive and well. You're riding a real piece of history there, look after it 🙂

  9. lol careful is right, that kick starter can kick your ass. beautiful bike!

  10. sounds a bit flat, this is a Bonnie so rev it. I think the exhaust is not correct as well, other than that well done !!

  11. OLIVER HARDY says:

    love the bike mate she looks and sound great but yea would look even better with the pea shooter exhaust take care out on the bike. from a British Biker.

  12. cappnzak says:

    Mann! I shouldda read more of the posts. Looks like my choice of the descriptive "gorgeous" is a common theme.We can see why.Dang fine lookin' machine.

  13. cappnzak says:

    Gorgeous ride! A good vintage!

  14. Kirk Conway says:

    i heard that triumps vibrate bad thru the bar's, you dont feel anything do you if it's tuned right do you?
    Im like the chrome fendered one's with the drum brake.

  15. Tom K says:

    @nbommar5 the stuff dreams are made of mate… gorgeous bike and looks like you live in a gorgeous part of the world too.. The closest thing to this that I love and would want to get for my L's is a xs-650

  16. wordreet says:

    OMG! I love it, she sounds gorgeous. The bike. Ok and your girl for appreciating the bike too. ;¬)

  17. nbommar5 says:

    thanks a lot for the comments everybody! i appreciate it greatly!!! i love that bike more than anything. girlfriend gets pretty jealous! i love her even more though for appreciating this classic as much as i do. im in the process of adding a chainguard and brake replacement, along with sealed wheel bearings. do you think i should swap the pipes for shooters???? thanks again everyone, will have some more footage up when the weather turns!

  18. MrStubat says:

    get the proper mufflers for it…

  19. 360Twin says:

    thanks for not chopping this bike! too much of that going on these days! nice work!

  20. Great Bonneville ….enjoy it I am wanting one so bad now …..that is a really classy looking bike !!!

  21. t120r . nicest of the lot .. great example you have there

  22. Health says:

    To think that bike was originally manufactured the same year I was born, and in just as good health as me too lol

    Nice bike though, seriously

  23. nbommar5 says:

    thanks a lot. i appreciate it.

  24. nbommar5 says:

    i have a video of me riding it. i plan on putting it up there. im kind of bummed right now. after only about 250 miles of riding the piston rings went on the left cylinder, and /or valve guides. its getting new pistons and rings and im having the valves done and new guides put in. glad you like it though, thanks a lot

  25. musicmatty67 says:

    A real classic you have there…to bad you didn't film the bike being rode down the street.

  26. nbommar5 says:

    im 6' 3". the bike feels great except i get a little cramped in my shoulders. i could fix it by putting some taller bars on, but i love the look of the ones i have on it now.

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