8 Comments to “1969 BSA R3 candy apple red layers and silver undercoat Plus Bond rocket!”

  1. will gibson says:

    its an a65 . not a rocket three.

  2. 1963wak says:

    iv just noticed the bike that gets thrown over the cliff is a plunger a10

  3. scojoseattle says:

    I was just teasing! Anyone who can handle the heartbreak of classic Brit bikes ought to be able to handle a little joshing…

  4. 441rider says:

    @scojoseattle it was free from youtube to avoid 10-20 for some kinda copyright theft charge from the google god. LOL! cheesy hollywood propaganda like American 70's sitcom/cop show c'mon lighten up.

  5. scojoseattle says:

    I won't say BAD music, but it is lame…. (hope this doesn't make me a hater)

  6. 441rider says:

    Test a little red compound on bottom then white polishing compound and then Silvo silver polish. Just keep checking the cloth for paint transfer. Once you see how deep you need to polish do the same on the visible upper part. I have even used autosol carefully on old stock paing and it shined very well. Good luck, compounds are better than wet sanding with 600-800

  7. 67giacomo says:

    Can faded paint on these original tanks be brought back to life.

  8. 441rider says:

    Almost had an urge to sand then clearcoat so I could have a shiney rat bike R3! LOL!

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