6 Comments to “1969 BSA 441 Shooting Star by Randy’s Cycle Service @ rcycle.com”

  1. Matt Correia says:

    Nice work, I have the same model BSA and it's hard to kickstart. Did you hold in the compression release when you kicked it, or did you let go after the piston was past top dead center? 

  2. troikagirl says:

    Randy, you've done a fantastic job on the Shooting Star.
    What is that tricolour flag on the side of the bike?
    The number plate "BSA", would be worth a lot of money in the England.

  3. Chrome plated levers? A very good first impression.

  4. I did two total rebuilds on these in 76 to 78, with some help of a chief engineer at the time who got things machined, the cost back then to showroom condition was about 500, would now be about 3,000 I reckon, with the paint, not including labour, that one
    is a good bike totally original they even had the black fork gators, a nice job. It took me
    18 months to complete one it was such a basket case. I took my test on one of these, in 250cc, it was a bit unfair as I had to give a proper demonstration of hand signaling and
    positioning, jap bikes with indicators skipped this one hand riding.

  5. Nice bike Randy, I had a 250cc
    Bsa barracuda

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