1967 Triumph Bonneville T120 Bobber For sale

My 1967 Triumph Bonneville T120 Bobber For sale. It is a near perfect, one kick motorcycle that runs like a swiss watch.


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  1. 6rubios says:

    What was the stretch on the rigid frame, if any?

  2. TonyBee says:

    are you listening America….. that's what a real classic bike sounds like….. stead of all that V twin shit you produce

  3. It could very well be a Bonneville. It may just have a TR6(R or C) head. Besides the head T120R and TR6R unit motors are identical for the most part. However, it is NOT a 67. The frame is a definitely a 1970 650 frame and the engine looks to be a 70 or later with an altered engine number boss, unless it is an earlier crankcase with breather mods and a relocated stator wire outlet hole.
    I know its an old video ,but hard to believe some of the rude comments below from people that don't know what the hell they are talking about.

  4. Tom Bajorek says:

    The tiger Trophy Comment below is true, Probably titled T 120, or someone changed the Cylinder. But rthat's Not a Bonneville.

  5. Don't hit any bumps ! Needs seat belt !

  6. stupendo !!! splendido sound !!!

  7. Legion Geth says:

    Fuck why did you cut the frame. That shit is ruined now.

  8. These bobbers aren't worth much on the used market.  You'd get twice as much for a restored original.

  9. steve kwall says:

    he is right bonnie has 2 carbs

  10. that bag
    that exhaust
    I wouldn't put a spare jerry can in that fucker.

  11. I want to know about a 1949 Triumph Thunderbird 650cc to buy.. Thanks.

  12. I'm rebuilding a 67' Bonnieville right now actually; that's how I found this video. Just doin' some research.

  13. banditz011 says:

    i have an oif bonnie (1976, bobber)and life would be a lot easier if it was a tr7

  14. its a TR6…. not a bonnie… the downtube on the frame is not beefy so its not OIF…

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