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  1. I had the Mk II. It had ignition Problems (point bounce) and they came out with the MkIII detuned to combat the problem of burned pistons. Later they came out with a replacement ignition cam, and solved the problem. My Mk II would run circles around anything on the street after I got the problem sorted out. Light to light, not a car in town ( including hemis and Vettes) could touch it.

  2. momspach says:

    I owned a 1966 Spitfire and it was set up for the street. I'm not sure about 1967's.

  3. When I bought my 1969 A65F in 1981 it was geared for 70mph top speed and ran like a pig at any point between tickover and flat out. I could never get it to run right. I thought the carb bodies were knackered but changing them made no difference because… it had been fitted with 2 stoke needles! Incidentally, the difference is that the Spitfire Scrambler is an off road variant of the A10 Rocket Gold Star.

  4. hoohoohoblin says:

    I'm not sure. I think the Spitfire was off-road with no lights, and the Firebird was set up with lights for street work. I bet a BSA expert will come along and reply to this post with more specifics.

  5. Gordon Moore says:

    @hoohoohoblin In case you open a bar, besides your odd seating arrangement, you'll need to know this:
    Q: Why do Englishmen drink warm beer?
    A: They have Lucas refrigerators.

  6. hoohoohoblin says:

    @gordonemoore Ha! I guess it would make a better seat than a Triumph. If I were going to open a bar, having old motorcycle engines as bar stools would be a great gimmick.

  7. Gordon Moore says:

    That was the first year BSA used Amal Concentric carbs. They put 2-stroke needles and needle jets in them. Way too rich in midrange. Gas-washed the big-end bearings right out of 'em. BTW, it's my contention that the BSA engine was much better than the contemporary Triumph engine – when used as a shop stool it didn't have any studs stickin' out the top, much more comfortable.

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