14 Comments to “1965 BSA Lightning Rocket”

  1. Timothy Lee says:

    I now that there is many bikes better than the brits but I still think thy look the dogs bolucks

  2. Timothy Lee says:

    that's how thy should sound.its a nice bike

  3. to bob murphy the sound of the triumph Bonneville was the best sound ever! Chick magnet! another friend had a bser lightning rocket and he raced my friend with the bonnie at 1 in the morning in long beach ca on 7th st. all yellow lights at 110 mph and once in awhile a red light behind them but they split and go thru sidestreets and park behind some rv and the cop would go flying by! the BSA Rocket had opposing heads and when you shifted gears you knew they were in gear; clunk!!!

  4. I currently own one now, and I agree with Mike Stamper, I have traced mine back to the show room where it was originaly bought. I have made mods to mine because I regularly ride it, go eo bridportclassicbikeclub web site and see more info.

  5. 1500 LC says:

    Yours is one of the best sounding Brit. twins, beautiful bike, brings back memories! 

  6. Mike Stamper says:

    Having owned one of these, I must point out that there are many, many non-standard parts on this "1965' bike.  The seat, headlight shell, exhaust pipes, throttle cable, gas tank, tail light, and front brake are not circa 1965.

  7. strattuner says:

    double nice,don't ever let go,one of the nicest bike made by BSA

  8. bossco09 says:

    Very nice and runs sweet…..

  9. If the budget stretches to it I can highly recommend the GoPro Hero 3.

  10. Bob Murphy says:

    Very nice sir, can't beat the sound of a BSA, I have a 63 A65 myself and I'm looking around for a good helmet cam to take some videos of my ride outs.

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