13 Comments to “1956 BSA 500 Goldstar DBD 34”

  1. that kicker's not gonna forgive you……ive been a victim of it once this year…..

  2. zuzulo56 says:

    This unit still available…for purchase?

  3. Tick over on a Goldy? Soft cams, different carb, looks like lowered compression, he wants to try and ride a real one, would not kick over like that.
    I bought mine new in 1963, and I've still got it, one of the last off the assembly lines.

  4. VĂ­ctor says:

    what a bike…its sex on wheels

  5. Ali Whitwell says:

    My neighbour had one when I was 17 and I fell in love with it. Close ratio box meant he slipped the clutch for ages on take off. What a great machine.

  6. bleueyeddevl says:

    the greatest looking bike to have ever been built

  7. 441rider says:

    That's how it is done, nice ride. I'd drag a knee off it after a quick prep n change of rubber to race compound.

  8. Yeahhh, we want more videos about it!!!!!, please more of this beauty DBD34!!!!!

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