1953 Norton Manx 30M Vintage Motorcycle Test Drive

http://manxclassics.com The bike has a featherbed frame, roadholder forks, and a 500 cc single DOHC engine. Starting requires effort. It was bred for the track so …


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23 Comments to “1953 Norton Manx 30M Vintage Motorcycle Test Drive”

  1. bobby mescer says:

    wow.. i love this bike,i hope i can buy this bike,

  2. partriarch says:

    Lord have mercy!  I love the sound of the Manx, whether at burbling idle or wide open.  Wish someone would bring them back but with modern technology (bigger displacement)..

  3. canvids1 says:

    what a sweet machine they were and they won a lot of races in their time.

  4. hhoward14 says:

    These engines will start perfectly well using FIRST gear. The use of fourth gear seems much to much hard work to me. also it was normal practice for us to warm the engine up on a "soft", or, "hot" grade of plug to avoid "oiling up" if there was some cylinder bore wear (common).
    The use of a "soft" plug for racing speeds, resulted in it burning away!
    In the right hands, a "manx", 7R, or G50, should still be a very serious piece of kit…
    We never let them "tick over", as you did.
    Best of

  5. 375GTB says:

    Just the weapon for Creg Ne Begh…


  6. mortdk says:

    This is the REAL thing. Lovely … 🙂

  7. The most beutifull bike in the world!

  8. Pan says:

    Gorgeous! Mechanically they were as crude as a gate hinge but they new how to make a lovely looking machine.

  9. crabjunkie2 says:

    I had an atlas once built the motor from a basket full of parts. stopped vibrating at about 80. I drove it to Daytona once before it blew a gasket.

  10. Qlydzdale says:

    Mechanical poetry in motion.

  11. Wonderbar!!!!!!!!! Nostalgi.

  12. As much as I love my E.S. 2, shoehorned into a 250 Ducati narrow case frame, this would be the one bike that I would love to ride. Not needing to own it, just ride it ! Once! WJW

  13. acotrel1 says:

    tell that wacker to wear a helmet. the bike has got a drum brake!

  14. Impalamark64 says:

    The Norton Manx and the Vincent Black Shadow are my two favorite bikes! I'm lucky to own a Norton Atlas, not a Manx, but a featherbed, nonetheless!

  15. Superb job! Won't be long before that exhaust turns blue / straw / chrome!

  16. imrotting says:

    I have an extra rear rim too….

  17. imrotting says:

    That Manx would look a lot better with the right seat, tank and front cowl and rims on it. Order the right front cowl from McIntosh, and sell me yours and I will put it on the correct year Manx it came off of……

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