11 Comments to “1953 BSA MOTORCYCLE ORIGINAL 50’S 2 STROKE 125CC MAGIC and our EK Holden 1961 שטרסברג”

  1. Absolutely magnificent Bantam, thanks so much for posting. Brings back fond memories of my first bike 1970-75.

  2. The bike and the woman are both nice :)

  3. FairyTail65 says:

    Oh look, the British DKW RT 125 :)

  4. chris moore says:

    A little British Gem piece if History

  5. Les Reed says:

    Looks like an early plunger D3.

  6. salsaman247 says:

    Nice…very nice (the bike's not bad either)!

  7. 1953 BSA,,,,can i buy that,,,how much i can buy that,??? i am from Indonesia
    if you intrested you can contact me on email….thanks.

  8. nice video,3 nice things to keep us guys happy,girl ,car ,and bike….nice one

  9. ihaveid95 says:

    nice BSA bantam looks like a D1

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