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  1. bobdukw says:

    Bought a M-20 project today. Thanks for making this excellent video. Bob´╗┐

  2. NickRatnieks says:

    Enter -My WW1 & WW2 British Helmet Collection!- If you key that in you will get the man's helmet collection. Go to 6.00 and you will see the dispatch rider's helmet. He gets it wrong with BMB Dagenham which means Briggs Motor Bodies which made bodies for Ford and was taken over by Ford- Dagenham being Henry Ford's new purpose built plant in the UK- now a pale shadow of its former self- he made the steel on site- a complete process from ore to finished product when first built!

  3. NickRatnieks says:

    After a while in WWII British dispatch riders wore a steel helmet based on the British paratrooper's helmet- which was basically a copy of the German paratroopers helmet. You are wearing the Brodie helmet with the wide brim. The later helmet provides some comfort as well as protection from shell splinters etc. Nice bike- good effort- well done! There's a video on YouTube where a man shows all his helmets including the dispatch rider's- check it out. I think it was made by Ford! (Briggs Bodies)

  4. The authentic British army motorcycle helmet of the time was made out of hardened leather and line with cork.

  5. SuperNolanator,
    The Front Fender Fin is used to slice enemy solders when they are in the way!
    But seriously, it was used for the displaying the license number when it was a civilian and sometimes the "Contract" number from the British government if it was used for the war.

  6. what is the fin for on the front fender

  7. Thanks everyone for the comments! Yea, the helmut is authentic and really doesn't protect you from anything….no wonder they don't make 'em like that anymore!….it says 1944 on the inside and is the original color.
    I have since started restoring a 1942 Harley Davidson WLA Military Project. Some day I'll have a video of it too!

  8. easyrider827 says:

    thats the army helmet during ww2,the touch of authenticity..

  9. arie sams says:

    i had a m21, same frame.. Nice bike but the rear frame is soo fragile….

  10. M_M Inc says:

    cool bike, but the helmet wont do you much good.

  11. Kit Harvey says:

    Very nice, I own C4636976…

  12. Rod Walsh says:

    Nice bit of video Terry. Well done for posting it.

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